5 myths about metabolism that mingle with your weight loss

The well-known rule for losing pounds is to burn more calories than you consume. But you probably didn’t know that this system causes the metabolism to respond in a way that increases hunger, deplete you from energy, makes you crave for food, and lowers metabolic rate. This is called metabolic compensatory effect, which means the harder you push on one end of your metabolism, the harder and more forcibly it will push back in the other direction.
Here we have 5 metabolic myths for you that may hinder your weight loss process.

1. Your body can burn fat and build muscle simultaneously

Actually it’s very difficult to build muscles and burn fat at the same time, only if you’re not using anabolic hormones. Try to burn some fat first and then switch to carving your muscles.

2. Calories are the only thing you should worry about

Hormones directly influence our craving for particular types of food and how much we want to eat, so they play a key role in getting your body on track. Sure, calories are important, but don’t rely only on them trying to achieve success in your diet. Focusing solely on calorie intake and expenditure is the main shortcoming of traditional Eat Less, Exercise More routines.


3. There are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ type of hormones and they work in isolation

The metabolism uses hormones to send messages about how to function elsewhere in the body. Hormones work in concord, and their ultimate action in cells is determined by the combination of hormones produced.

4. You need a blood test in order to assess the balance of hormones

Biofeedback techniques like hunger-energy-cravings (HEC) can give a good subjective indication of metabolic hormone activity and balance.

5. The metabolisms of lean people and overweight people work in the same way

Overweight and obese people often have many hormonal imbalances, which makes it more difficult for them to control hunger, stop cravings, and feel motivated to exercise.

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