Disease Prevention and Treatment, 5th Edition

Improve your life expectancy and health with the new updated 5th Edition of Life Extension’s Disease Prevention and Treatment.
Just imagine – over 1,400 pages of breakthrough information that connects the gap between the most advanced science and mainstream medicine – and all of this in only one amazing volume that you’ll find invaluable now and many years later. This is not the kind of information that you can simply find in internet and it is published by an organization that cares about keeping you youthful and healthy for many years to come.

For over 35 years the main mission of Life Extension was providing you with the most essential lifesaving information. This 5th edition is packed with the latest evidence-based protocols and lists the description of 130 different health concerns. All of them are documented by numerous published up-to-date studies from reputable scientific journals, and provide detailed suggestions that can help you forget about the “one-size-fits-all” approach to disease treatment. This is the only book available to present thorough strategies for the promotion of good health using natural compounds, hormones, novel pharmaceutical agents, and comprehensive blood testing to complement conventional standard-of-care regimens and combat the diseases of aging.

When a serious medical disorder develops, most people have no one to turn to other than their doctor. The problem is that physicians are often too busy to keep up with the latest research findings. As a result, many patients suffer and die even though advanced therapies already exist that could cure them.
For example, in 2005 “Tamiflu®” became a household word as fears of an avian flu epidemic caused a shortage of this anti-viral drug. Those who purchased the year 2003 edition of Disease Prevention and Treatment, however, learned about Tamiflu before the public and were advised about the benefits of having it available to prevent a flu virus infection.

Inside these pages you’ll find the latest scientific strategies for managing various conditions from cancer and heart disease to arthritis and neurological disorders. You’ll also learn how to use natural compounds, hormones, novel pharmaceutical agents, and preventive blood testing to complement mainstream therapies and improve your chances of controlling serious diseases. No other book on the market does all this.
Many colon cancer patients learned about the enormous value of cimetidine in the year 2003 edition ofDisease Prevention and Treatment. The brand new 2014 edition of Disease Prevention and Treatment provides even more novel therapies for colon cancer patients to consider.

There are more than enough effective therapies for many common diseases out there, yet people still suffer from illness needlessly and even die every day. But here we present you the chance to prevent yourself from getting in their numbers. Disease Prevention and Treatment, 5th Edition has all the information you need to live and thrive.

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