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7-oxodehydroepiandrosterone as it more commonly known under its brand name 7-Keto is one of 3 oxygenated metabolites of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and these 3 oxygenated metabolites interconvert with one another without ever converting back to parent DHEA. While DHEA supplementation may form androgenic and estrogenic hormones via an alternate metabolic pathway, 7-Keto supplementation is a way to get those 3 oxygenated metabolites without using DHEA, thus avoiding those unwanted side effects, because 7-Keto does not meddle with your hormones.
The supplement 7-Keto DHEA is being widely promoted as a means of revving up metabolism in order to lose weight – especially belly fat. Other claims for the product are no less impressive – boost immune system, improve memory, anti-aging properties. Here are these benefits in more detail:

1. Weight loss

The clinical studies on 7-Keto DHEA have shown the improvement of metabolic rate and increase of weight loss in a healthy way. The way 7-Keto improves weight loss is by increasing the activity of thermogenic enzymes that provides fatty acid oxidation. In a double-blind study involving placeb-control group, 30 adults with excessive weight showed 6.5-lb decrease in body fat mass, compared to the placebo group which has shown only 2.1lb weight loss. More of the weight lost was body fat in the 7-Keto group. Thryroid hormone was elevated, but no other side effects were reported.

2. Immunity

Another important 7-Keto benefit is its ability to improve immune system. The Minnesota Applied Research Center performed a 4-week human clinical trial to determine the effects of 7-Keto on elderly men and women. The participants who used 100 mg of 7-Keto twice a day showed improvement in immune function, as well as other immune helper cells. Alongside with that they experienced increased white blood cells and their blood pressure decreased.

3. Anti-aging

As all natural metabolites of the DHEA, 7-Keto naturally declines as you are getting older in the same proportion to its parent. Our bodies experience growth of 7-Keto levels up until the age of 20. When we reach our early 30s, 7-Keto concentrations in blood begin to decline, reducing in half by age 50. This huge decrease can contribute to dominance of cortisol – the stress hormone – which further promotes aging and lower immunity.

4. Heart health

A study made by Czech researchers evaluated the effect of 7-Keto on markers for heart disease. Only 25mg per day for 5 days significantly raised HDL or good cholesterol. The total cholesterol reduction was low, but the atherogenic index–a measure for risk of cardiovascular disease–showed marked improvement.


5. Mental activity

7-Keto may also help to improve brain function by helping neurons establish contact with others, increasing efficiency in the aging brain. 7-Keto provides many of the benefits of DHEA supplements with none of the side effects.

How to choose a quality 7-Keto® DHEA product:

– Quality. Make sure the product is manufactured using the clinically validated, multi-patented 7-Keto® ingredient. Such information should be clearly stated on the label.
– Potency. Each capsule should contain 100 mg per capsule – the same potency used in human clinical trials that showed 7-Keto’s weight-loss properties
– Dosage. Recommended dosage of 100 mg twice a day.


Among 7-Keto health benefits the most prominent are its anti-aging properties, fat burning, and strengthening the immune system. It helps maintain metabolic rate when dieting – in other words it keeps your body wasting calories even with the initial slow down often experienced when you start to remove them from your diet. 7-Keto supplements is a great addition to your diet and is a total must for your workout plan.

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