Optimized Chromium with Crominex® 3+

Chromium is a trace element described as ‘essential’ because the body cannot make it and it must therefore be obtained from the diet. However, even the diet cannot provide sufficient chromium, especially because cereal-based foods are often refined. In addition, levels of chromium tend to decline as we age and marginal deficiencies are not uncommon.
Chromium is a vitally important micronutrient recognized for its important role in maintaining healthy glucose metabolism. This most advanced chromium complex has been optimized with a standardized extract of Indian gooseberry and a proprietary form of the adaptogen shilajit.

1. Supports carbohydrate and protein metabolism

Adequate levels of chromium are vital for the proper utilization of carbs, protein and fatty acids in your diet. Chromium is essential for protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. It plays a fundamental role in converting sugar into energy, in appetite control, reducing cravings for sugary food and in increasing lean body mass by enabling protein to be turned into muscle.

2. Supports healthy blood sugar levels

It improves cells’ sensitivity to insulin, resulting in improved glucose absorption within cells and lower blood glucose as well as elevate body fat. That is why it’s recommended for ‘pre-diabetes’ or type 2 diabetes. Also for this reason, chromium may be particularly important for people that want to lose weight and reduce their risk of diabetes. The U.S. has one of the highest incidences of chromium deficiency in the Western world, with estimates of between 25-50% of the American population at least mildly deficient in chromium.

3. Prevents you from sugar cravings

The first and the most important sign why you may experience chromium deficiency is excessive sugar intake in different forms. Trace the time when deserts became something more than just a food for you – that is probably the time when you have started to experience chromium deficiency. But the bad irony is – the more you eat sugar, the more chromium is extracted from your body, resulting in… you craving for more sugar. As you can see it’s quite easy to fall into this vicious circle, but the most effective way to leave it, is to start taking chromium supplements


4. Specific benefits of Crominex® 3+ components

Chromium generally has poor bioavailability. That’s why new form of chromium has been formulated to preserve the chromium in its trivalent form (Cr3+), offering better consistency, and in particular, significantly improved bioavailability.
Crominex® 3+ is a stable blend obtained by reacting chromium with:
• Polyphenol antioxidant compounds – a patented fruit extract of Phyllanthus emblica, also known as Amla (Indian gooseberry). These polyphenol compounds are excellent antioxidant ligands which prevent chromium in its trivalent state. Amla is now also recognised for its effects in regulating blood sugar and complications of diabetes (particularly those of the kidneys), its beneficial effects thus complementing those of chromium.
• Fulvic acid (a patented and purified Shilajit extract) which acts as an effective support molecule and enables the Cr3+ to travel to insulin receptor sites, thus increasing chromium’s bioavailability. Shilajit is also known to maintain and restore cellular energy levels by helping the mitochondria to convert fats and sugar into ATP (adenosine triphosphate), one of the body’s two main sources of energy.


Chromium supplements are referred to the safest medications for weight loss with quite high level of efficiency. However, the beneficial effect of this mineral must be under control and its intake must be strictly dosed. Moreover, you should take this supplement only while sticking to the diet plan and regular exercises. Combined with these activities, your chromium supplements can help you lose weight much easily and comfortably.

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