The role of spermidine in anti-aging process

If you’ve ever browsed through various anti-aging products on the market, you know how long the list of ingredients can be and how exhaustive it is to read through all of them. Most of the times you don’t even know what they are, so you just take the seller’s word on their beneficial properties. But the best way to determine whether you have an active and powerful ingredient behind those anti-aging properties is to actually understand its origin, driving mechanisms and effect it can cause on your health and your looks.
Of course, from the consumer point of view there is no way you can perform a research on every ingredient that goes into an anti-aging product. Actually, you don’t have to do this at all. Instead, if you need to know at least one quality ingredient that is the most important of them all, you should be looking for is Spermidine.

Spermidine – what is it?

Spermidine, as you may have already guessed, takes its origin from semen. In the number of researches scientists have isolated its active compound and determined the anti-aging properties. In addition to spermidine being part of the semen it is also a natural occurring compound called polyamine. This organic compound has two or more amino groups, a low cellular level. There are a number of useful health benefits in polyamine, one of tone of which is that it acts as a longevity mechanism in mammals.
In this review we will focus on the studies that have performed on spermidine as a compound on its own, rather than an ingredient of some particular product, as well as we’ll be talking about its anti-aging and non-anti-aging properties. The main goal of this review is to determine how spermidine performs in your anti-aging products and leads to positive and long-term health benefits for you and your looks.

The molecular basis of anti-aging effects of spermidine

One of the most relevant studies among the variety of very prominent ones was conducted by the School of Biology in the United Kingdom. In this research, scientists reviewed the multifaceted process of cellular aging and how exposure to chronic inflammation, cell revival rates and cellular stress affects the aging process negatively.
During the study, researchers estimated the impact of spermidine to reduce the effects that relate to the cellular aging process. In result it was found that since spermidine is a polyamine, it interacts with negatively charged molecules like RNA, DNA, and lipids. With the ability to connect itself to varying molecules, the spermidine can promote cell growth, DNA stability, and cell accretion in the body. The final conclusion is that with such control over so many cellular mechanisms, spermidine can effectively set back the aging process.

The research found that the aging process is slowed down and cells are repaired to a more youthful function in the following ways:

Reduction of Inflammation

Cellular inflammation leads to cell damage that can promote age-related diseases. The more inflammation at the cellular level your body has, the higher the chance that your cells are being destroyed and are contributing to a more haggard and aged appearance. To combat the aging impact of inflammation, researchers found that polyamines, spermidine more specifically, are able to treat the microglial cells that are the primary drivers of inflammation. Since spermidine targets the source of inflammation, you protect your cells and attain a more youthful appearance.

Cell Growth

Another popular mechanism that lends itself to the anti-aging process is cellular growth spurred by spermidine. When cell growth is unregulated, tissue is able to regenerate at a rapid level, leading to smoother and more youthful looking skin. The research has shown that spermidine levels decline as you age. To prevent this from occurring, you can use anti-aging cosmetics that uses spermidine. With the additional infusion of spermidine, cellular growth can proliferate, leading to anti-aging properties.
Overall, from this study, there is support that spermidine promotes anti-aging properties by preventing inflammation that leads to aging and by also promoting cellular growth, which repairs cells.


Spermidine is an answer for a long life

The second notable study performed was by a researcher at the University of Washington, Seattle at the Department of Pathology. The searcher’s published study identified therapies that mitigate the aging process and any age-associated disease. Unlike the previous study, the researcher observed how spermidine impacts the lifespan of yeast and how that impacts chromatin-mediated regulation of gene expression.
When treated with spermidine, the yeast’s cells experienced lower oxidative stress levels. In turn, the cells were able to rejuvenate faster, they experienced less inflammation, and they also proliferated at a higher rate in the substance. As a result, the spermidine treatment led to a longer lifespan for the yeast. In addition to studying the impact of spermidine on yeast, researchers also examined its impact in worms, flies, and other insects and found that it leads to similar results.
It may seem to you that to mention a study that was performed on non-human cells is a little bit discouraging. But by doing that we wanted to show that spermidine’s properties are universal. Not only spermidine accelerates the growth of cells, reduce inflammation and extend longevity in human cells, but so it does for many other living beings. This further proves the assumption that spermidine is a absolutely effective ingredient that is added to today’s anti-aging products.


It’s is very important for every costumer to know what they are buying, especially when it concerns beauty or health products. By choosing them with knowledge and understanding you can ensure a smart investment of your money and – what’s even more important – that you won’t be disappointed with your purchase when you try it out.
So remember that spermidine is always a positive ingredient to look into when choosing an anti-aging product. While there are not yet many products on the market that feature spermidine right now, we’re more than sure that in the next few years their number will be growing.

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