The best and the worst probiotics

There are tons of probiotcs of every kind on the market, and every single one is recommended by heath care practitioners. So which of them are really the best and which you shouldn’t spend your money on? That is the question Susan Luschas PhD and her family were trying to answer, spending about 5 years and thousands of dollars. They experimented with 20 probiotics and observed symptoms and reactions they caused, also sending stool samples to the lab and comparing the results.
In the end she managed to arrange this list of the most and the least helpful probiotics on the market. So let’s look at the rankings.

The Best

This array of probiotics presents those that you should always keep at hand in your house. In this sheet you can find their most effective uses and benefits. The probiotics are listed in descending order from most useful to least useful.

Name of Probiotic Healing Leaky Gut & Supports Recolonizing the Gut Stomach Flu, Acute Virus Transient Digestion Skin Microbiome
Ultimate Flora Extra Care 50 billion X
Udo’s Choice Adult Probiotic X
Kirkman Lactobacillus Duo X
Mutaflor** X
Florastor X
Energetix Flora 12+ X
Prescript Assist x (secondary) X
Fermented Foods X

** Mutaflor is great at pushing down dysbiotic (bad) E.Coli that shows up on a stool test. If no bad E.Coli is showing up on stool tests, then I probably wouldn’t bother with Mutaflor. Mutaflor is also difficult to obtain in the USA these days.
Glossary of the table:
Healing Leaky Gut & Supports Recolonizing the Gut – The ability to support healthy bacteria and eliminate bad bacteria. Usually the probiotics with less than 10 billion colony-forming units (CFU) are out of this category.
Stomach Flu, Acute Virus – The ability to ward off the stomach flu and aid in the recovery process.
Transient Digestion – Help with digesting meals. Obviously fermented foods are the winner in this category.
Skin Microbiome – The bacteria that live on our skin are very important. Actually they are second in importance to the bacteria in our intestines.



The following probiotics were not as impressive, as those from the previous category, but nevertheless they proved to be occasionally helpful. Anyway if you can get your hands on the more effective alternative – it would be great.

Probiotic Healing Leaky Gut & Supports Recolonizing the Gut Stomach Flu, Acute Virus Transient Digestion Skin Microbiome
Ultimate Flora Critical Colon Bifido 80 billion X
Udo’s Choice Super 8 Hi-Potency Probiotic X

The worst

Don’t get us wrong – “the worst” category doesn’t necessarily mean that these probiotics are somehow bad or dangerous, but it’s just they appeared the least effective of all, providing almost zero benefits.

Probiotic Notes
VSL3 Many specialists recommend VSL3, but it didn’t prove to make any difference.
Bravo Probiotic Yogurt This probiotic comes in the form of powder from which you need to make a yogurt – too much maintenance for almost no effect. The price is also not the most democratic.
11 Strain Powder by Custom Probiotics
HLC High Potency Powder
Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics
Primadolphilus Reuteri
Jarrow Probiotics (we tried all their various ‘flavors’)
Klaire Therbiotic Complete Recommended by lots of DAN doctors, but the tests showed it not so beneficial. There is probability that the polysaccharides feed bad bacteria.


General Results of these probiotic experiments

A few trends were noticed while figuring out which probiotic is best. Some of these ideas I have heard from practitioners. Others are new theories I have come up with after our experiments.
FOS/Inulin/Polysaccherides tend to feed the ‘bad guys’. These so-called pre-biotics also feed dysbiotic or ‘bad’ bacteria. Probiotics with bacteria only seemed to be the best at healing leaky gut.
For a chance at healing leaky gut, a minimum of 10 billion CFUs are needed. Otherwise there just aren’t enough to shift the bacteria balance.
Fermented foods helped with transient digestion but did not have a high enough bacteria count to significantly help recolonize the gut.

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