Five reasons to start boxing

If you’re looking for something tougher than your regular workout, then boxing might be your thing. It’s a great strength and fitness booster where you can burn around 700 calories during one session. Here are some more reasons why you might want to hit that punch bag.

1. Great fat burner

Boxing is a super intensive interval training workout. And when your heart rate rises up to its max limits with rest intervals, it’s one of the best ways to burn fat and increase your metabolism at rest.

2. You can box your stress away

When you do boxing, you need to be very concentrated to perform the moves. So you just don’t have time to think about all your problems and stress. Boxing , like any other sport, produces endorphins – the hormones responsible for increased energy and good mood. You’ll see that after a boxing session you will feel much more confident and energized.

3. A great workout for the whole body

Every single muscle in your body will work hard while you’re boxing! Shoulders, arms, back and core will be all involved while you do punching moves. Quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves work when kicking, ducking and shuffling. All in one – what an incredibly effective workout!


4. It improves your coordination

All martial arts and, of course, boxing require a high level of eye-hand coordination. You sharpen your moves and work on fast reflexes to kick that punching bag or a sparring partner.

5. You get a leaner and more defined body

While boxing you lower your fat levels, as a result of which you’ll get a more lean and defined body. Strength training is a main part in preparation for a boxing, including effective exercises like squats, press ups and core strength work.

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