6 things you should know before taking a boxing class

If you’re tired of your regular running, pilates, swimming or yoga, you might want to try something new – more intense and calorie-burning. But first, read about those 6 things you should know before you take your boxing class, because it requires a little bit of preparation and a few heads-up warnings. Here are the main tips for the beginners:

1. Get ready to sweat

You can burn from 800 to 1,000 calories in one workout. In a boxing class everyone sweats a lot, and you will do, too. From the beginning till the end you’ll be shedding major calories, and that means some serious sweat time. Have a towel on-hand during the session.

2. Prepare your body

You always must have a bottle of water within reach, if you’re going to burn tons of calories during a single 45-minute class. Hydration is crucial during this kind of workout.

3. You’ll pick it up quickly

Usually people get the hang of it really fast. Boxing is very easy to pick up and follow. You’ll learn all the motions, combinations, punches, and defensive moves pretty quickly.


4. Just don’t drop the hands

The biggest mistake that most first-timers always make is when their hands drop below the chin. Remember – your chin should always be protected. Keep those hands up.

5. Remember – it’s not a team sport

Unlike other classes, where you’re competing against or with other participants, boxing is totally solo. You’re in it only for you, so make it all about yourself, your body, and your state of mind. When you step through the ropes, you’re on your own. You’re in complete control of what you’re doing and you have to make your own decisions. It perfectly trains not only your overall body, but your mind, too.

6. You’ll never be a master boxer

And this is actually a good thing. You will work better and faster, and you’ll never get bored of it. You just won’t plateau. When you’re anticipating hits from all sides, never knowing which move you’ll have to use to defend, you’ll always be on your toes – literally.

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