5 winter sports that boost your metabolism

For most people winter time means gaining weight, usually because they stop their fitness routines and start to eat high-calorie food and sugar uncontrollably. If the food part is pretty much understandable – Christmas and the New Year parties are good excuses for large meals, alcohol and sweets abuse, but what’s with the sport ditching? The main reason is, of course, the cold weather and the fact that the road to the gym becomes less attractive with each new snowy day.

But in fact with that attitude you may miss the greatest fun during the winter time – it’s a season of so many different great sports, that we couldn’t possibly fit them into one article. And the greatest part about them is that they all are just rocket-launch your metabolism and burn fat in no time. Here is the list of the most popular and the most energy-consuming of them.

1. Ice hockey

Ice hockey is a kind of sport that doesn’t need an introduction in Northern countries. But if you never heard of it – it is a winter sport that is played between two teams of skaters on ice using sticks to shoot a hard rubber ice hockey ball called puck. It is simply known as Hockey in several countries such as Canada and the United States. This winter sport is quite reputed for being a fast-paced physical sport which earned it the nickname “The Fastest Game on Earth”. It’s not an easy kind of sport and you need some time to get grips on it, but when you do – you’ll become unstoppable.


2. Ice/Figure skating

This one doesn’t look as tough and badass as hockey, but don’t let the gracious ice glazing fool you – this kind of sport requires a great amount of coordination, endurance, stretch, strength, agility and whatnot. It burns your calories like hell – just 30 minutes of moderate ice skating will cost you 200 calories. Usually a skating session lasts 90 minutes – that’s 600 calories in time you could spend watching a small movie in your cozy chair. Got your priorities right? Here’s what may lean you towards the healthy choice – nothing is more pleasant like an evening skating session at the local skating ring. Many people, nice music and mulled wine are a guarantee for a nice evening together with your friends. You don’t even need your own skates. All skating rings offer various skating boots for rent.


3. Cross-country and downhill skiing

Cross country skiing is a pleasant winter sport practiced usually by middle aged people. It’s a great cardiovascular fitness workout. It’s a sport with low injury risks. However you need special cross country tracks do practice it. The equipment consists in cross country boots and skies. Special cross country suit is also needed. Half an hour of cross country skiing can waste an impressive number of 375 calories.
Downhill skiing couldn’t miss the top 3 entrance. The most popular winter sport is of course a great calorie burner. It’s a mind and body refreshing activity which can easily rise your adrenaline level with every skied slope. However please rate your skiing level accordingly and chose the appropriate slope difficulty. Leg and especially knee injuries are common for beginner and advanced skiers. 30 minutes of skiing burn an average of 325 calories.


4. Snowshoe walking

Snowshoeing or snow shoe walking is perhaps one of the most efficient safe and easy to perform winter activity. You only need a pair of snowshoes, two poles and some friends to walk with. Practically everyone who can walk can enjoy snowshoeing. Snowshoe walking targets a large social and age range. It is a fun, inexpensive and healthy activity. It allows you to spend a fun and interactive day together with friends or family.
Referring to the health benefits, snowshoeing is a great cardiovascular exercise. More, it is considered one of the most efficient calorie burning exercises. 30 minutes of vigorous deep snow walking on varied terrain can burn up to 400 calories.


5. Snowboarding

Surprisingly or not snowboarding burns fat faster than skiing. Half an hour of snowboarding burns on average 350 calories. However because of injury risks and difficulty snowboarding is usually performed by young and middle aged people.
In order to snowboard you need complete equipment starting with snowboard suit. The snowboard goggles and gloves are a must. The boots and the actual snowboard should be selected after consulting a snowboard instructor.

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