5 ways to burn calories during the holidays without exercising

Did you know that activities we usually do on holidays burn the same amount of calories than full-fledged gym workouts? Here is the list of the most energy-consuming winter holidays activities.

1. House decorating

While you try to fix Christmas lightning to your moldings as well as dragging that heavy reindeer statue your body burn calories as intensive as it does while you training cardio. And if you add cleaning the house before the guests’ arrival – you can easily skip your late evening jog. But be careful with lifting heavy things – you don’t want to spend the rest of the holidays double-bent in your lower back.
How much you burn: 200 cal/hour; 300 cal/hour for cleaning


2. Buying the presents

If with all this Christmas turmoil you still hadn’t time to buy presents – the first days of winter holidays is the best time to do it. Besides just one such shopping-marathon will cost you 200 to 500 calories and grocery parcels will serve as a great alternative to the weights (they won’t let your biceps rest, that’s for sure). Just stay away from food courts and ice cone vending machines.
How much you burn: up to 500 cal/hour


3. Christmas and New Year parties

Winter holiday parties is the best way to lift off the weight of past 365 days and get a good dose of endorphins for months to come. Besides you shouldn’t forget that dancing burns calories as good as exercising on a treadmill. But if you hectically count every minute till the end on a treadmill – dancing evenings and nights fly with a speed of light and grant you a big pleasure. Just one hour of such party and you not only will lose 700 calories but also pump your leg muscles and abs. The only precaution is this: if you want this “exercising” to be effective, try to go easy on alcohol drinks (or better – ditch them altogether).
How much you burn: 700 – 900 cal/hour


4. Snow shoveling

For the record – if you spend your winter holidays in the country, shoveling snow is not only a useful activity, but also highly energy-consuming one. It can easily replace your usual morning exercise. But remember – just like with the good strenuous workout you should perform a full stretch in advance – it will keep you from getting injuries and pulling your muscles (shoulders and loin are in the risk group). And don’t turn your show shoveling into the powerlifting session – this kind of exercise should be performed under the watch of professional trainer – not in the backyard of your country house. And if you are lucky enough to have a car – cleaning it from snow will take another 300 calories from you.
How much you burn: 400 – 600 cal/hour


5. Skiing, ice skating, snowboarding and other winter sports

Sitting the whole winter holidays near a fireplace, in the company of Christmas turkey and the bottle of champagne is an unforgivable waste. And it’s even more unforgivable if you do it just in the skiing peak season. We get it, you are not a fan of skiing – but there are plenty other winter sports that will make you these holiday weeks filled with fun and your body lean and stiff. Only one hour of ice skating will cost you more than 600 calories (which is 100 calories less than playing hockey). Even a spontaneous snowball fight puts a great strain on your muscles (especially chest muscles and glutes). Besides this is a great fun to share with your friends.
How much you burn: 300 – 800 cal/hour

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