4 reasons why winter sports are good for you

We all want to get away from it all during the winter, that’s why majority of us book our flights to tropical islands, rather than snowy regions. But we forget that our body is accustomed to the particular climatic changes and to disrupt it so drastically can be harmful for our health. Acclimatization won’t be easy, but there will be no problem to catch a cold in a warm country.
It is much better to spend your winter holidays, climbing on a mountain tops, rushing down the slopes on skis or flying in the air with your snowboard. Even a simple snowshoe walking will be a great experience. All of these winter activities are great for your health and overall wellbeing, and here are reasons why.

1. Mountain air is good for your health

First of all mountain air is very clear. Second – it’s dispersed, and spending time on the open air with low oxygen in it amazingly affects your health in a good way.
In our life we always face the situations when our breath rate jumps. The process of hyperventilation is starting, during which our blood oxygen level rises by 40-50% from normal and the level of CO2 is decreasing. This CO2-oxygen imbalance can lead to the cramps in our brain blood vessels.
Spending time in the mountains our oxygen levels come in balance due to the low pressure and dispersed oxygen in the air. If you spend time in the mountains regularly, you can prevent heart attacks, heart strokes and local heart anemia. And being physically active in the mountains only doubles this effect.


2. Mountain activities are different

Physical activity in the mountain is more of a strength exercise than cardio. But performing strength training with low amount of oxygen we lose weight significantly more intensive than doing aerobic exercises in a gym. And that’s a fact!
There was an experiment during which participants were divided in two groups. First group was doing cardio trainings and the other – power anaerobic training with significant lack of oxygen.
As a result of this experiment both groups showed a weight loss, but participants of the group that were doing anaerobic exercises have increased a quality of their muscle mass.
But why we lose more weight when there is not enough oxygen? The answer is in biochemistry. Our cells have mitochondria which are their power plants. Their main function is to acidize organic compounds to get energy. And the best burning of fat acids of the fat stores happens when there is not enough oxygen to process carbs.

3. Many muscles are involved in winter sport activities

When we practice winter sports we increase the load on our locomotor system and our muscles. Not only the main groups of muscles are involved but also the deepest ones, that are responsible for stability of our body position. It’s those muscles that are in charge of the right posture and hold the right position of our bones, keeping our joints from displacement.


4. You train your vestibular system

If you always experience nausea during the air flight, in a car, boat or even while in a whirly dance – your problem is inside your vestibular organ. But don’t worry – you can train it as well.
The best training for vestibular system is a change of body position relatively to the horizon. Just watch the tricks that snowboardists usually do! 360 degree spins, flying somersaults, flips and whatnot! Just looking at these can make you dizzy, let alone what a sportsmen feels during such pirouettes.
Winter sports are great for training vestibular apparatus, so when the time is appropriate for the summer vacations – you can fly on the airplane without reaching for a bucket and surf on the waves with your head up high.

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