10 sport gears for home exercising

We can totally understand that not everybody find the idea of going to the gym full of strangers and wasting time on the commute alluring – especially during the holiday season. Or maybe you have a shy personality and don’t feel comfortable exercising and sweating in a room full of perfectly fit individuals, while your own reflection in a mirror still wobbles a little bit… But did you know that home exercises can be as effective as full-fledge workouts in the gym? And you don’t need to have a huge space for heavy sport equipment. Here we gathered a list of small and handy sport gears that can turn you into a real self-made athlete.

1. Dumbbells

Doing exercises with your own weight is good, but at a certain point it becomes boring, and that’s when dumbbells come to rescue, and with them – a whole dimension of new exercises. When you’re going to buy dumbbells in rubber braid: they are softer, have nicer feeling in hand and won’t scratch your floor. It’s better to buy few different weights right away (they will require to work on different groups of muscles) or separable dumbbells if you want to save money.

2. Kettlebells

Some of you would probably say that kettlebell is for “show-off” rather than for “obligatory program”, and that some of the exercises you can easily do with simple dumbbells, but that’s not entirely true – many exercises with kettlebells are unique and some of them are harder to do with them than with dumbbells. That’s why it’s better not to be stingy and buy both. The perfect choice would be kettlebells with different weights, smooth wide handles, comfy grip and covered with enamel.


3. Pull-up bar

If you hang up a pull-up bar at home you can do not only your trivial pull-ups and hangs but many other exercises as well, for example – leg-lifting for training your abs. Moreover you can strap TRX loops on it and the amount of exercises available at your house will grow astronomically. If you still not good at pull-ups it would be wise to buy special “rubbers” for beginners – you strap them to your knees and they “push” you up, helping you to perform your first pull-ups.

4. Jump rope

Jump rope exercise is a great cardio – every boxer will tell you that. But that’s also a great helper in coordination development. If you are a beginner you need to get a simple jump rope that fits your height. If you are already a pro – chose either a very light one (that way you can improve your speed) or special heavy one (you’ll work on your strength).

5. Medball

It’s a great thing for pliometrical exercises. Medball can help you work on your core and arm muscles, simply because you are going to throw it up, transmit it to someone or hold it in your stretched hands anyway. Look for the soft medball – it’s easy to exercise with stiff one, but the “flexible” is very hard to hold steady. If you’re not sure about the weight – chose the lightest one.


6. PlioBox

If you ever worked on box jumping – we don’t need to explain to you why you should have one at home. Explosive power and speed – that’s how you train it. PlioBox can be used for muscle training while stepping on it, sit-ups, lunging and stretching. If you have skills, you can build your own box that will fit your height and needs, but if you don’t – it doesn’t cost too much.

7. TRX

TRX locking loops represent a ready-made gym complex right in your home. You can strap them on your pull-up bar or ceiling anchor. The most important feature is a small size – when it’s folded it takes a tiny amount of space. And of course it’s very handy when you need to take them with you – to another house, in your gym, on a vacation or outdoors.


Expander is a very portable as well and it will easily fit in your traveling bag. Another advantage – you don’t need to strap it to anything. Every exercises with expander can strengthen different muscle groups – you can do hand pulls, leg presses, contracture and spreading shoulder blades. It’s better to buy 2 types (loose and tight) just in case.


9. Training mat

It’s not a pleasant feeling to exercise on a floor – it’s stiff, hard and in the end it’s unsanitary. Don’t be lazy and buy a good training mat – it will serve you for a long time and will make your training not only effective but comfy as well.

10. Fitball

Stretching exercises (nothing compares to the feeling when you just lay down on the fitball and relax), abs and back workouts on unstable surface (2-times more effective) – nothing of this would be possible without fitball. Besides it’s very comfortable to sit while you work on your computer – the unstable surface will literally leave you no choice but to sit straight.

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