10 good reasons to exercise

It’s no secret that regular exercising helps you get a slim healthy body and boosts your metabolism. But for some people even such alluring prospects as losing weight and/or building muscles is not enough to motivate them into paying a visit to a gym. If you need more reasons to persuade you into physical activity, read these ten benefits that you can get from regular workout

1. Improves your memory

When you exercise, your brain is getting more energy and oxygen, and, according to many studies, exercise can boost your memory and help you learn faster.

2. You’ll have better posture

To have a good posture is essential for the overall health, and one of the best ways to fix it is to train the muscles of your back. If you regularly exercise your abs, back, and other muscles, you can fix your posture, both sitting and standing.


3. Boosts your confidence

Exercise improves your appearance which in turn can improve confidence. Even if you don’t see immediate results in your body, the effort will make you feel better. And once you do see the results, nobody would be able to drag you out of the gym.

4. Helps you fight with stress

Chronic stress is a common problem these days. But the good news is that you can beat it by working out regularly. When you exercise, the endorphins level goes up, and these hormones are well-known as great stress-fighters. Plus, getting yourself into exercise helps you to get your mind off the things stressing you out.

5. You’ll sleep better

According to the National Sleep Foundation, regular exercise can help improve your sleep. But don’t exercise right before going to bed because it can have completely opposite effect. The best time to work out is in the morning or the afternoon. Evening workouts are legit too, providing that you’ll get enough time before sleep for your body too cool down.

6. You’ll have more energy

Regular exercise can make you feel more energized throughout the day, no matter counter-intuitive it may sound (you think that working our will drain all your energy). According to one study, exercising in the middle of the day can leave you feeling more energetic and productive for the rest of the afternoon.


7. You’ll have better sex

If that’s not a deal breaker – we don’t know what else is. Recent research has shown that regular exercise can increase arousal and decrease men’s risk for erectile dysfunction, likely because exercise improves blood circulation. Other benefits that apply not only to men but women as well is that you’ll get much more stamina (meaning longer sex), much more confidence and self-disclosure that will result in much higher pleasure, once your mind is free of the low self-esteem worries. Plus lean body means your partner’s sexual drive will significantly increase (and that’s a good thing for you too). Are you not sold yet?

8. You’ll get sick less often

According to studies, people who exercise regularly are half as likely to get a cold as people who don’t. Your physical strength is not just for the great looks – what eyes can see is that your immunity system will get stronger too.

9. You’ll live longer (and prosper)

Living a healthy lifestyle will keep you alive longer. One study even found that exercise improves life expectancy as much as quitting smoking! A great reason to get up and start moving, don’t you think?

10. You’ll just be happier

Put all this reasons together and you’ll be much happier. Regular exercise can improve your life in so many ways. According to the scientists from the University of Bristol, people’s mood is significantly improved on days when they exercise. So all you have to do is to make a regular workout your habit.

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