Partners and Contributors

At LifeProvDR we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Where someone else is doing a great job we say lets support them and move on to the next idea. We love the idea of helping people to life longer and better lives. We came to the creation of the concept through personal adversity and like us we have met many other organizations that are built from the heart and soul of personal experience. We are proud to be affiliated with them and thank them for their pioneering advances in the area of personal bio-hacking and generally giving people a chance to take control of their own health. Its not easy. Lobby groups and vested interests try to protect their turfs. But the affiliates below have started a social revolution which is gaining momentum and can no longer be silenced.

Life Extension – This group took on the FDA and won. We can now order my own blood chemistry. Its my blood .. how did we ever get to a place where I cant check my own cholesterol? “You cant handle the truth” Ridiculous. On Life Extensions’ website I can freely read about the scientific research behind all dietary supplements AND order them because they invented the process of separating the research from the sales process. NO ONE else on the planet is doing this research because Big Pharma cant make a billion dollars selling something they cant patent. Ever wonder why there is no melatonin or fish oil drugs? Does anyone doubt those are too hugely valuable tools in our health arsenal?

BulletProof – Dave Asprey. Cult Hero. I attended the latest three day seminar in Pasadena this fall. He is the hero of the un-diagnosed sufferers of the world. Got some crazy autoimmune disorder that has plagued you from childhood and caused asthma, arthritis, brain fog etc?? Everyone has something. Maybe you wonder why you jog every day but cant lose weight? Dave was horribly overweight, sick all the time and finally said screw it. He decided to bio-hack his own body and find out what terrible sequence of allergies, toxins, nutritional deficiencies etc.. could have cause all that. AND THEN FIXED THEM ALL. He is the master of ketegenic diets and loves technology as a way to cut through the information overflow.

MDFormulated – another California startup which is our affiliate and partner .. has the idea of getting smart practitioners and scientists to express their opinions on the best formulations of supplements. No more pill fatigue. If you want to support stem cells to multiply in your body and encourage healing then take StemGevity. No need to order 8 different supplments.

DNALifestyle Coach – I love this one. If you want to motivate me to run a race you better tell me where the starting line is. These guys offer a portal which collects your DNA and shows how old you are now chronologically. Now you can measure your progress. They also check dozens of relevent SNP’s to look for mutations which suggest the best way of eating, supplementing, and exercising. Genetics dont lie. They run algorithms (that word again) to tell you exactly what cant work for you in your quest.

ModernAlkame – for the young at heart. There are 270 some odd substances which are called nootropics instead of supplements. I have yet to meet a doctor in Florida who knows the word. Almost every student if=n California and every Wall Streeter has been seriously using them in a stacking process to seriously enhance human cognitive powers for years. A simple one would be caffeine. But there are too many to mention and the key is stackinng them together There are now portals and research kits that can help you monitor the effectiveness of each stack on your own body chemistry.