Visiting dentist to treat Diabetes. Wait, what?

I’m going to the DENTIST next week to try and get my Diabetes out. Sounds crazy right? But i just discovered after 4 years of worsening signs of inflammation including increasing insulin resistance, increasing blood sugar, tendon pain, knuckle pain, a frozen shoulder and brain fog, that I have a blood mercury level in the top 99% of all people tested. According to my functional physician it’s a tragedy that none of my conventional medical practitioners thought to test for toxins when my body started showing signs of accelerating inflammation in 2012. “It’s like a detective not bothering to see who was home when a murder was committed.”

My mouth still contains 8 amalgam mercury fillings from the 80’s and I have ground my teeth like a fiend my whole life. It’s likely everywhere. Once i get them out its a year of chelation treatment to bind to the mercury and let me excrete it. I’ll keep you posted.

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