Calm down techniques with HRV monitor

I sneakily use my HRV (heart rate variance) monitor to see who I like (or dislike). One of my alternative health practitioners told me to learn to meditate and/or breathe better. I told her that the little man on my shoulder (my ego apparently) simply won’t allow such shenanigans on his watch. He never quiets down and he whispers skeptical thoughts. So she got me an HRV monitor which hooks to my iPhone. It prompts you graphically how to inhale and exhale and measures how calm and content your heart and mind are.

It works fantastically. I just needed to see it to believe it. But now I must confess I leave it hooked up sometimes while i am interacting with people to see what my inner voice is feeling about people I have programmed myself to believe I can tolerate. Scary stuff. But the heart doesn’t lie.

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