Fighting inflammation with CryoSpa

Two friends walked into a Polish designed CryoSpa hooked up to a tank of liquid nitrogen capable of sending a blast of dry minus 250 degree fog around your naked body for 3 minutes. One sulked out to live a life of man shame. The other (Me) left with noticeably less knuckle and muscle pain. According to Chiropractor “…” the therapy is increasingly used by professional and amateur athletes to recover from the inflammation of exertion.

The same thing can be said for reducing inflammation from chronic medical conditions. (I asked if I could stick my head in and they said no.) Joking aside the body sends out soldiers to combat the inflammation as it senses a mortal danger to the body from this short but extreme burst of cold. Those soldiers tackle the inflammation. Other than caloric restriction; flash freezing seems to be the best method for jump starting the metabolism. (I thought of it as pressing the reset button on the computer). The dryness and short time prevent any such injury (although I kept my underwear and socks on to be extra safe).

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