How to wash your face right during winter

During the winter period you use good moisturizers and cleansers for your skin. But if it’s still very dry, maybe you should change the way you’re washing your face. Between cold weather and drying indoor heat, winter takes its toll on a complexion. Try these skin care tips for dry skin this winter.

1. Only wash your face once a day – in the evening – to remove the day’s makeup and grime. Overnight your face doesn’t get dirty, so there’s no need for morning cleansing. If you need that splash in the morning to wake up, put a little bit of lightweight moisturizer on damp hands and rinse off with warm water. You’ll still get the dead skin cells off just by rinsing.

2. When you wash your face, use warm water to wash and cool to rinse. A cool rinse constricts the blood vessels and calms the skin. And, a cool rinse will not melt off any of the moisturizing agents that your cleanser may have left on your face.

3. Water itself upsets the balance of the skin and has a drying effect, so keep your routine quick – especially in the shower. Get in and get out. And apply your moisturizer within 3 minutes of washing to seal in the most moisture.
If your face still feels tight and dry, maybe you want to switch your oil-free cleanser (if you use one) for a cream cleanser for dry skin. Also replace a lightweight moisturizer with a more hydrating one. Look for ingredients like glycerin, lanolin, wheat germ oil, jojoba, mineral oil or safflower seed oil.

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