5 gifts to choose for your friends with active lifestyle

Choosing right presents for your friends and family has never been an easy task, especially if they have their own individual quirks, such as healthy diet and active lifestyle. If you want to be more original in this year, than couple of woolen socks or “world’s best boss” cup than maybe you’ll find few ideas in this article. Or, maybe this lucky sporty person is you, and you’re just looking how to reward yourself on this Christmas for all that hard work you’ve done in this year? Take a look at this list of gifts that are mostly suitable for people who likes sport.

1. Thermoactive underwear

In the cold season there is no better gift than thermoactive underwear for the person who never stops outdoor activities even when it’s way below zero outside. The way it works is that elastic fabric fit closely on the body and successfully draws moisture from the body. The fabric evaporates moisture faster than absorbs it, creating big difference between the body’s temperature and outside temperature. That means the heat will stay within and you’ll feel warm and comfortable while rushing on a snowboard in the mountains or jogging on the freezing morning in your park. Isn’t that awesome and thoughtful gift? Thermoactive underwear layers come in many forms and varieties – pants, turtlenecks, leggings, actual underwear and many others. There are full body-sets for total protection as well.

2. Travel backpack

You can’t go wrong with that. It’s the kind of thing that most people would gladly have but never allowed themselves to spend money on, thinking: “Meh, I’ll buy it next time, when I actually start hiking”. The thing is, gift like that could give them a push to start hiking and traveling itself. It’s a very useful, original and meaningful gift. For the friend that never went farther than local grocery store, practically every decent travel backpack would suffice, but if you’re dealing with seasonal traveler, do some research and try to find best one, that would perfectly fit his or hers needs.


3. Gel memory foam pillow

Usually, every second person we know (if not every single one) complains about poor quality sleep or constant sleep deprivation. Everyone needs a good rest at night, but people with active lifestyle need it even more. Gel memory foam pillow is an excellent gift for people who crave for the quality bedtime and put comfort while sleeping above everything else (aren’t we all?). You can impress them, by noting that foam memory technology was invented in 1966 by NASA for better accommodation of astronauts – and now your friends can have it in their bedrooms. Higher-density memory foam softens in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mold to a warm body in a few minutes, perfectly fitting to the individual shape of head and neck, providing the most comfortable sleep you ever had.

4. Yoga/Pilates socks

This one is funny. Socks are commonly considered as a hurry-scurry gift, but things have changed since the invention of Yoga and Pilates socks. You maybe have never heard of them, but those who practice these two activities value them very much. These are not your usual socks – they have spreaders for every finger, for easy foot manipulation during the session as well as rubberized undersides for better contact with a slippery floor. Yoga and Pilates practitioners are in constant need of those, so they’ll never say no to such gift.


5. Fitness tracker and sport watch

It’s hard to overrate how much high-tech gadgets like fitness trackers and sport watches can improve your work-out sessions. Every possibility to record and track your physical data and progress is invaluable when it comes to progress, effectiveness and motivation during your training. Just the fact that Polar sport watches gave us pulse training technique is more than enough to support this point. Fitness trackers provide basic functions, like counting distance, steps taken, calorie burned, and etc. Sport watches are usually more advanced – they conduct sport tests and based on the data collected they make 5 training plans especially for you. That coupled with GPS and tons of other handy functions. Did you not order them yet?

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