10 new activities you should try this year

If you’re bored with your fitness-club, a swimming pool or running, you might want to make some changes and vary your physical activities.

1. Jumping fitness

If you have always dreamed about doing a summersault or being an acrobat, you can make your child wish come true. Jumping fitness or trampoline will help you with that. You’ll not only elevate your mood, but also will work out your body. Trampolining helps to work every muscle group in your body, improves flexibility and coordination.

2. Curling

We bet you have never tried this sport before. Sliding stones on the sheet of ice is not only fun, interesting, fresh and new, but it’s also energy-consuming. So next time instead of your regular training, go to a curling club.

3. Surfing

Not everybody lives near the ocean. But if you’re going to vacation somewhere with the ocean and big waves, you might want to take surfing lessons. Surfing is a great sport that gives you this incredible sense of freedom and almightiness. And this is a great work out for the whole body. Don’t miss an opportunity to catch a big wave and you’ll definitely fall in love with surfing!


4. Exercise in a swimming pool

Aquaflat is a training program which imitates surfing in some way. It will improve your coordination and balance. All exercises, including warming up and stretching, you will perform on a special pneumatic raft.

5. Horse riding

Riding becomes more and more popular these days, and it’s great. You can not only communicate with these amazing, graceful and smart animals, getting this positive vibe from them, but you will improve your physique, posture and vestibular system.


6. Skiing

Skiing is one of the best cardio trainings which enhances endurance and improves respiratory system. Go to the nearest forest for a portion of positive emotions and fresh air.

7. Snowboarding or alpine skiing

If you are looking for more adrenaline, snowboarding or alpine skiing is just for you. If you’re a beginner, start with a simple trail and under professional supervision. You will get your adrenaline rush in no time.

8. Body ballet

Body ballet is one of the most feminine trainings. It’s become very popular in the recent couple of years, and there is a good reason for that. All the exercises are graceful and seem easy to perform, but don’t let yourself be fooled. Body ballet is hard to perform, especially at the beginning. You work out every tiny muscle in your body, improve posture and burn lots of calories. You can find many body ballet programs on Youtube, choose one which is ideal for you and perform it at home.


9. Tennis

Maybe you’re a fan of the Gran Slam tournament? Then grab a tennis racket and a ball and go to one of the tennis clubs in your city. This sport is great for competitive people, it improves your overall physique, enhances endurance and respiratory system. And don’t forget to find a good professional trainer.

10. Brain exercise

Not only your body needs a challenge every now and then, but your brain does, too. Go to one of the intellectual clubs to test, practice or sharpen your brain skills. Or just start learning a new language, Japanese maybe.

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