4 cases when you need more B12

The signs of B12 deficiency are easy to miss. You can even chalk them up to stress or too much work. But if one or more of the following looks like your case, you should take notice.

You’re a vegan or vegetarian

In other words you don’t eat meat, which is the only way to get vitamin B12 in your diet. If you stay away from animal products, then you certainly have B12 deficiency, unless you take supplements. Actually, that’s a main reason of “pale, weak vegan” stereotype. Prolonged B12 deficiency causes pale skin and weakness. No need to change your lifestyle – you can stick to your diet preferences or moral choices, but do take B12 every day.

You’ve reached your 50s

Age brings wisdom, freedom and time for yourself. Unfortunately, it also hinders your ability to receive B12 from your food. Not only it’s more likely for you to have a B12 deficiency as you get older, it’s easy to miss symptoms like memory changes or a lack of stamina. For people over the age of 50 it’s recommended to take B12 supplement regularly in order to stay fit and strong.

You drink alcohol often

Having a glass of fine red wine with dinner may be good for your heart, but that usually means that your stores of B12 are low. The main reason behind that is because your liver is the biggest storage of B12 in your body. You don’t have to abandon your nights out with your friends or enjoying Pinot noir before sleep, but that’s one more reason to take B12.

You’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or an autoimmune disease

Blood sugar issues and disorders such as diabetes or autoimmune disease (lupus) make your body less likely to absorb B12 from your diet. Even if you eat red meat on a daily basis, you’ll probably still need to take a B12 supplement to maintain healthy levels.
A vitamin B12 deficiency shouldn’t be taken lightly – it can increase your risk for heart disease, depression and anxiety disorders, as well as symptoms of Alzheimer’s, autism, and mental illness.

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