Mental health disorders may slow the heart failure recovery, study says

According to a new study, the process of heart failure recovery at patients, who also have mental health disorders, may be slowed down namely because of the mental health.

Dementia, bipolar disorder and even depression are one of the most frequently detected reasons for prolonged heart failure recovery. In average, people who experienced heart failure and also had a mental health disorder, spent up to one week more in hospital, increasing their treatment bill, the overall recovery period and the consumption of medicine and other auxiliary aspects.

The results of the study are alarming, because they provoke doubts in the whole concept of heart failure treatment and recovery strategies. It clearly states and proves that the heart failure recovery period significantly increases in case of any mental health disorder case. It is also disturbing, because the prolonged stay in the hospital forces extra expenses both on patient and hospital side.

This study is the first one to succeed in determining a harmful impact of the mental health disorder on patient’s recovery from heart failure and in analyzing the issue not only from the medical, but also from the financial perspective. The researchers call to reconsider the heart failure recovery strategies, taking into account mental health of the patient and possible disorders.

Even though the study clearly states the connection between mental health disorder and the heart failure recovery slowdown, the researches cannot say exactly how and why this connection works, which implies the need for new studies. Besides the direct conclusions of the study, researchers also suggest that mental health condition should be taken into account during any type of treatment from any kind of disease, as the negative impact of the mental health disorders may affect any treatment process.

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