Link between diet soda and heart attacks

As it turns out the prefix “diet” for soda drinks has nothing in common with healthy diet. As team of researchers from New York City conducted a study over 2,500 Manhattan residents they discovered that drinking diet soda may actually increase the risk of heart strokes and heart attacks.

Though no comparison with regular soda was made during the research, scientists reported approximately 48% increase in risk of heart failures for diet soda-drinkers. The other limitations of study that yet not allow calling diet soda drinks a new threat to health include the self-reported nature of the data received that not allow to determine what other types of foods were consumed with such drinks that contribute to the total calories intake as well as other poor-health habits of participants.

As Dr. Howard Weintraub, the clinical director of the NYU Center for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease suggests, there may be individuals among the participants that were drinking diet soda to sort of “reduce the guilt” of eating high-calorie and fat-saturated foods by drinking diet soda, in attempt to do some kind of “calorie balancing”. Therefore such poor diet could be the real reason behind the increase of cardiovascular disease rather than simply drinking diet soda.

Although it`s too early to sound the alarm, one thing that can be said with certainty is that drinking diet soda doesn`t give you green light to get more heavy on high-calorie foods or it`s in any way healthier than drinking regular soda.

The research involved more than 2,500 participants, mostly Hispanic in their late 60s, 35% of which didn`t drink any kind of soda whether it be diet or regular. For others consuming diet soda was associated with high blood sugar, diabetes, increased body mass index (BMI) and various cardiovascular diseases. In the next 9 years there were about total of 560 vascular incidents, including 210 heart strokes and 150 heart attacks.

Removing some behavioral factors and BMI factor from equation, researchers refined the results of the study that showed significant role of daily diet soda consumption in the cardiovascular incidents.

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