Heart attack during sex: who`s at risk?

Though sex and intense workout both are heart-healthy activities, the experts from American Medical Association suggest that there is a slightly increased risk of heart-attack involved. To give you more concrete numbers – intense physical activity increases the risk of heart attack by 3.5%. Getting lucky at the speed of hurricane raises the risk by 2.7%.

But still, the risk of having a heart attack while doing jump jacks or “hitting the home run” is relatively low: only 1 or 2 deaths for every 10 000 people. Also you must understand, that such high risk is triggered only for a brief time during and after sudden physical activity (or sex), and doesn`t affect your long-term risk.
But is it fair for everyone? Of course not. Patients participating in this study, who had a regular physical activity in their life, were almost immune to the risk increase from sudden exercise or sex, and this number was decreasing in relation of how often they were working out during the week.

So are you at risk of having heart attack during sex?

Now it may seem that this article encourages you to not exercise or have sex, in order to be out of the danger zone. This is completely not true – on the contrary, exercising regularly makes your heart stronger and durable (we skipped the notion of having sex often, since this thing is too unreliable to suggest you have it on the regular basis).

Well what if you`re not the frequent guest at local gym? If you want to change your life but worried about how your heart will take sudden changes, than the most logical advice for you would be to start slowly and increase the intensity of your workouts gradually. It`s very important to discuss your future training with doctor and personal trainer. Your aim is no less than 30 minute workout sessions 5 times a week. Walking, light jogging, velo-trainer – all of this is good for beginners.

Once you`ll feel comfortable, try switching to the interval training with short bursts of high-intense activities which will put your heart under certain healthy amount of stress which will harden up your heart and blood vessels.

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