Having a dog can reduce heart risk

People affection towards the animals is not a news – we’ve been sharing our houses and lives with them since the dawn of humanity. Domesticated wolves became our trusted companions in hunting, herding and house protection, while cats helped us get rid of vermin and took part in sacred rituals.

Although we don’t need dogs or cats for these tasks anymore, we still maintain our connection with these animals, treat them as our friends and part of the family. That’s because their love is unconditional, they provide friendship and comfort and can take the pain away. But if reading that didn’t make you running to your pet with hugs just yet, wait for what we are about to say next: recent studies showed that our loving furballs may provide benefits for your heart health.

Owning a pet (dog in particular) may reduce the risk of heart disease. During the study pet owners has shown better overall health results than those who didn’t have a pet. Here are the other results of that research:
1. Dog owners go to the walks more every day and during these walks they are engaged in more physical activities.
2. Owning a pet associated with a reduction in heart disease risk factors. Many of the patients showed increased survival chances.
3. Having a pet sometimes leads to the lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Also as a result of enough physical activity – lower liability of obesity.
4. Just the mere presence of pet near you reduce your anxiety, slows down your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure and relieves you from the stress.


Moreover, owning a dog can help elder people to deal with two biggest problems of senior life – physical inactivity and social isolation. Having a dog requires old people to walk twice more than otherwise. Not only dogs provide enough love and friendship, they draw social interactions to their owners from occasional strangers on the streets, as well as just mere feeling of satisfaction with social life and physical state.

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