Cardiovascular disease caused lethal outcome risk reduced with mediterranean diet

The so-called Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthies diets. Besides the well-known benefits of healthy diets, it has also been proven that Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of chronic disease development. What is even more important, it is believed to reduce the risk of lethal outcome in patients with various cardiovascular diseases.

The studies on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet usually focus on the healthy population and on how the diet can prevent diseases. They also focus on the cases where any medical condition does develop, and on how the Mediterranean diet can prevent the lethal outcome, if this is a possibility. However, they usually do not take into account the cases where cardiovascular disease has already been developed and whether it is efficient to switch to the Mediterranean diet in order to reduce the risk of lethal outcome.

The recent study concentrated namely on the cases where patients with cardiovascular disease history switched to the Mediterranean diet in order to improve their post-disease health. The study included patients with history of stroke and ischemic heart disease.


During a seven-year follow up, the lethal outcome in patients who suffered from cardiovascular disease and switched to Mediterranean diet afterwards, reduced by 21%. The result take into account other risk factors that could lead to lethal outcome, such as diabetes, hypertension or other related conditions, as well as the age and sex of the patients.

Apart from the cardiovascular disease history, the study has also concluded that the strict Mediterranean diet helped reducing the death risk from any medical cause by 37%, even in comparison to people who stuck to the Mediterranean diet partially or not strictly.

The results of the study hint to further research on how the Mediterranean diet can help reducing the death risk and improve health.

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