What can cause heart disease in women?

For some reason heart disease tends to be associated more with men than women, but it`s not “man`s disease” at all. In fact, it`s the cause #1 of death for women in all ages.
The common factors that cause heart disease such as obesity and high blood pressure are more significant for women than for men and it`s important for you to be aware of them.
Don`t think that heart diseases are only related to elder people. The average age for most cases of heart attack in women is around their seventies, but young women in age of 22 die more often from heart disease than breast cancer.

Most common heart disease risk factors

Factors that are at the same rate for men as they are for women

1. Family history. People, whose parents had heart disease history, are at more risk.

2. Age. About 85% of people that died from heart disease were at age 65 or older.

3. Ethnicity. For some reason risk of heart diseases is higher for African Americans, Native Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Hawaiians and Asian Americans.

4. High blood pressure. The strain that is put on heart of people with high blood pressure makes it work harder, increasing the risk of heart disease. The same is true about high cholesterol levels.

5. Obesity. This is probably one of the most obvious reasons for heart disease. Even the slightest sign of overweight (especially in the area around your waist) increase the cardiovascular risk significantly.

Other factors that cause more impact on women

1. Diabetes. Women with diabetes have the risk of heart disease multiplied by 4 compared to those without it. Men with diabetes are at 2 times higher risk than average healthy person.

2. Smoking. The risk of heart disease for smokers is 2 to 4 times higher than for non-smokers, but this plays even bigger role for women. This is due to the fact that woman smoking a pack of cigarettes a day is not the same as man smoking the same amount. Due to the fact the women have lower body mass the dose of smoke in one cigarette is higher for them, therefore more dangerous.

3. Depression. Although depression itself cannot cause heart disease it can contribute to already existing problem. This is more the result of behavior during depression than of its nature. Women with depression tend to develop bad habits (smoking, alcoholism), eat unhealthy, being inactive and neglect their health. Women experience depression more often than men, therefore they are at higher risk.

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