Why hemp hearts are so great?

Hemp hearts are quickly gaining the popularity simply because they`re super healthy and delicious. These seeds are very nutty and poses great amount of omega-3 fatty acids. They are also very crunchy and don`t get slippery in wet dishes like, for example, chia seeds. Creamy texture can add a nice touch to many foods of your choice. Try adding it into your breakfast cereal or smoothie, yogurt, salad and soup. It`s a great source of protein, too.

Hemp hearts are beneficial for our joints and muscles. Besides very important fatty omega-3 acids they also have easily digestible amino acids. One hundred grams of hemp seeds contain more than 30 grams of protein – that`s more than everything you could find in your breakfast and doesn`t take too much space in your stomach.

Edestin makes the most part of protein in hemp seeds and it`s hypoallergenic and easily digested, so consider having more hemp hearts if you have difficulties in finding protein or sensible to soy.

Other beneficial omega-6 fat that is contained in hemp seeds is called gamma linolenic acid, or GLA, and it is a great anti-inflammatory measure, so it`s highly beneficial for people with arthritis, eczema and muscle pain. Most of the chronic diseases of modern society have inflammatory component such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer`s disease, etc. Also GLA is great for the health of your skin, hair and nails.


What`s more important hemp hearts can improve your own hearts` health. They are rich with anti-inflammatory omega-3 fat called alpha linolenic acid that reduces high cholesterol level and high blood pressure. Besides that hemp hearts are good for lowering blood pressure with arginine, the beneficial amino acid. Also various antioxidants and great amount of vitamin E protects your cardiovascular system and improves your health in general, protecting your cells from free radicals thus reducing the risk of cancer.

Another great thing about hemp hearts is that they`re full with awesome minerals like manganese, zinc and iron, essential to our immune system and tissue health. Zinc is especially great because it`s enhancing the function of T cells which main role is to find and destroy abnormal cells – yet another anti-cancer measure, provided by hemp seeds. What`s more great is that hemp hearts are rich with magnesium, which help reduce muscle cramps and relax them. If you`re into any sport activities, hemp seeds will help you restore magnesium level which is decreasing during workouts and sweating.

For women hemp hearts are especially useful because the help to combat menopausal and PMS symptoms, such as depression, hormonal imbalances and hot flashes.
So overall hemp hearts are tasty, versatile, healthy and full of different wonders, beneficial for our health such as amino acids and various omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids. And they can make your familiar food interesting and fresh.

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