Food combo that helps you burn more fat

A new study published in Nutrition Journal looked at two types of foods that combined together turn into a nutritional powerhouse. In this study women of various weights ate for breakfast pancakes that were either plain, made with protein powder, made with powdered resistant starch (you can find it in green bananas, plantains, cooked-and-cooled rice, beans and cold potatoes), or made with both protein and resistant starch. As a result, the women who ate pancakes with starch and protein, had much higher levels of a satiety hormone and burned 30% more fat afterward than the women in other groups.

What’s the secret of this combination of foods? The thing is that resistant starch digests in your body harder, satiates you without adding lots of extra calories, like whole grains do. Also, according to an Advances in Nutrition study, this kind of starch feeds good bacteria in your gut, which helps improve your immune system, boost your mood, and metabolize fat. But it’s important to remember that the resistant starch bonds are formed as part of cooling process. So when you put the two foods together, you have a powerful tool for weight loss.

Paul Arciero, D.P.E. (doctor of physiology of exercise), lead author and director of the Human Nutrition and Metabolism Laboratory at Skidmore College, recommends this food combination strategy, because, he says, “it’s perhaps the most natural, safest, and healthiest nutrition-related lifestyle strategy to enhance satiety and burn fat calories while eating carbohydrates.”
So make sure that your meals contain both, protein and resistant starch, like chicken and cold potato salad, or cooled rice with beans.

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