Detoxing done right

We bet you`ve heard a lot about “detox” and “cleanse”, maybe you even considered it for yourself. But detoxing is not just your another diet and should be treated with caution. If it`s done right it can make you feel lighter, younger and energized. It can help you overcome many irritating health issues, such as headaches, allergies and digestion disorder. However, if you rush headlong into the extreme detoxing without taking care, it can lead to even worse headaches, dehydration, exhaustion, and many more. With so many detox products on the market and tips from everyone else we decided to answer the most important questions to fill you in.

What is detox and cleanse?

There are several forms of detox. One type is elimination diets, the main goal of which is to remove completely specific chemicals or toxins, such as caffeine, sugar, alcohol, etc. The other form is cleanses, featuring cleansing juices which you should take instead of usual food every day during the cleanse course. There are also different colonic cleanses with enemas aim to detoxify your body. Truth be told our body has a fully-functional system of its own to filter away any bad toxins anyway, that`s what your liver, kidneys and colon are for. Also we remove toxins from the body by sweating through the skin, so the question if we need expensive pills and extreme cleanses to detoxify our body yet remains.

What you should know for your first time?

Before you proceed with ANY type of cleansing you should consult with your doctor first. Some people which health condition requires strict diets and regular eating, such as those with diabetes, hypertension, etc., should avoid extreme detox. When you chose cleanse method you should learn every aspect of it, search for commentaries of people who already done it and consult with a nutritionist. If it`s your first time, start with a preparing your body by minimizing toxin/chemical sources, such as said caffeine, alcohol, sugar and junk food, rather than diving headfirst in the most radical juice cleanse you`ll find. Sometimes it`s all you need, but yet again don`t do it abruptly. Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol addiction has the same mechanics as a drug addiction. Abrupt drug withdrawal includes such symptoms as anxiety, diarrhea, nausea, sweating. In case of nicotine it`s irritability, fatigue, insomnia, headache and difficulty concentrating. There is no benefit of cutting “cold turkey” with any of these substances, so take it slow. Limit your use gradually over the course of few weeks to relieve yourself from discomfort during the cleanse process.

Go easy in gym

Bear in mind that cleansing involves your energy store depleting. If you decide to do extreme detox you should go easy with your exercise routine until you return to your normal diet, especially if you`re not used to extreme diet changes. Consider light cardio and stretching exercise. Heavy weight lifting is out of the question.


Don`t overdo it

It`s important to keep detox brief. Your system needs less than 10 days to get rid of toxins, after that it`s a pure self-destruction, with many vital elements, such as carbs, fats and protein being depleted away. The other alternative is to use cleanse as an occasional low-maintenance, rather than one-shot long procedure once a year. Such small detox routines can improve your casual health issues like migraines, allergies, anxiety, stress and stomach problems.

Save your results

Unfortunately many people see detoxifying as a carte blanche to return back to their bad habits once it`s complete, thinking that cleansing gave them some mileage to get away with junk food before their body becomes polluted again. But doing so can quickly undo everything you`ve accomplished with detox. You don`t usually go around in a dirty boots right after you washed the floor, do you? What`s more to that, cleansing slightly weakens our system, and eating heavy can be even dangerous for our health. Make sure you have a healthy diet plan prepared before venturing in the detox area.

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