A burger without unhealthy ingredients (but not less delicious than with them)

Never order a burger in doubtful diners. Danger can be lurking in almost any ingredient. Think about it. For starters, buns are made out of white flour. Not that scary, but there are too many calories in it and no use, because white flour is a refined product without any healthy micronutrients left. The other thing is a sauce. While self-respecting establishments make their own sauces, less earnest diners just add mayo in a burger, which is a pure trans-fat – not only high in calories, but very dangerous for our body. And of course, there is meat. Classic burger contains patty made out of mince, which can be made out of who knows what. Not to mention melted cheese (which is no better than mayo) and many other ingredients.
What we’re getting at: if you make everything right, than your burger will become an ideal meal, consisting of complex carbs, veggies and an adequate amount of fat. And this is how you make it right.

 2 buns made out of whole-grain or other healthy flour.
 ½ chicken breast
 1 tomato
 1 pickled cucumber
 ½ avocado
 2 green leaves.
 1 fresh mozzarella ball
 4 tsp. of natural yogurt

 1. Wash a chicken breast, dry it out with paper towels, then put it on a sheet of parchment, add some salt and pepper on both sides and cover with another parchment sheet.
 2. Pound the meat with your fist until it’s no more than 0.6 inch thick.
 3. Heat a grill pan up to temperature of Earth magma.
 4. Lay out chicken on a hot pan and without slacking the fire let it roast during 3-5 minutes till it’s half-cooked (pink meat should become white). Turn over the meat and roast the same amount of time.
 5. Lay out the cooked meat on a cutting board and let it rest before cutting.
 6. Cut the chicken in 6 long stripes.
 7. If you wish you can roast split burger buns on a dry pan on the inside.
 8. Lay out the ingredients on the bottom bun – yogurt, a salad leaf, then put the chicken and mozzarella so the cheese melt a little bit on the hot chicken.
 9. Then lay out the rest ingredients in any order and cover it with the top bun.

When to eat: Chicken burger is a perfect meal for lunch consisting of complex carbohydrates, vegetables and an adequate amount of fat.

How to reduce calories: If you want to lower down amount of calories and animal fat in your burger, ditch the mozzarella. Also don’t use the top bun, if you control carbs in your diet.


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