Anti-aging benefits and 6 more reasons to include Omega 3 EFA in diet

The healthy fats become a new trendy thing as people around the world discover that they’re not only the great way to replenish yourself with longer lasting energy but also have many other great health benefits. One of them is a fat called Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) that is usually found in oily fish, like salmon, mackerel, tuna and some super healthy seeds, such as chia seeds and flaxseeds.

However, new research suggests that taking enough Omega 3 EFA supplements can even slow down aging process in your body, and even reverse time back in exceptional cases.
During this study researchers discovered that most middle-aged adults who are moderately overweight but healthy in general, who took Omega 3 supplements for 4 months have preserved small segments of DNA within their white blood cells.

These segments are called telomeres and they are usually associated with aging due to their shortening over time in many types of cells and that is the main reason why our clock is running out eventually.
Actually telomeres are structures at the end of chromosomes that play a big role in their stability and replication and responsible for our biological aging. Various genetic factors, exposure to certain chemicals and environmental factors can shorten the length of telomeres which can accelerate aging process. Brand new research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association claims that Omega 3 fats slow down this shortening of telomeres meaning that Omega 3 EFA may protect our cells from premature aging.

Previous studies have shown that people with established cardiovascular disease who have a high dietary intake of marine Omega 3 EFA live longer than others with the same health problems who do not have adequate Omega 3s in their diet. However, the exact way omega-3s exert this protective effect was not well understood by the researchers.
In the new study scientists found that the research subjects with the least amount of DHA and EPA experienced the most rapid rate of telomere shortening. At the same time, participants with the highest levels of the Omega 3 fats experienced the slowest rate of telomere shortening.

“Levels of DHA+EPA were associated with less telomere shortening before and after sequential adjustment for established risk factors and potential confounders. Each 1-standard deviation increase in DHA+EPA levels was associated with a 32% reduction in the odds of telomere shortening,” the authors say about their study. “These findings raise the possibility that omega-3 fatty acids may protect against cellular aging in patients with coronary heart disease.”

Besides their anti-aging benefits Omega-3 EFA has many other health benefits. Here is the short list of them:

1. Healthy and strong joints:

Omega 3 EFAs support healthy joint function and keep their mobility and flexibility in check.

2. Improve cells:

Omega 3 fats are essential for the cell membranes because they support their supple and improve functionality.

3. Healthy heart and blood vessels:

Eating Omega 3-rich foods has been shown to support cardiovascular health and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

4. Improve vision:

Omega 3 fats are needed for healthy vision as they are important component of different eye tissues.

5. Healthy hair, skin and nails:

They assist in the management of dry skin. They help to prevent moisture loss from the skin and help nutrients enter skin cells. This makes them important for smooth, vibrant skin and optimal wound healing. They also help support healthy hair and nails.


6. Supports brain health and development:

Omega 3 fats are found in high levels in the brain and study shows they have a significant effect on brain function and development. . To ensure healthy brain development women should take Omega 3 EFA supplements while baby is in womb as well as providing Omega 3 fats throughout the entire childhood.

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