9 ways to make alcohol less harmful

Everyone knows that alcohol is harmful for our body – and during the holidays we usually expect a lot of booze. But did you know that you can alleviate some of the negative effects of alcohol drinking by following these simple rules?

1. Don’t drink when your stomach is empty

First of all drinking alcohol on empty stomach is like a baseball hit on your liver and pancreas. Second – it leads to the faster and stronger alcohol intoxication with a harsh hangover. You need to prepare your digestive system to the work that lies ahead of it. Eat well beforehand and during the alcohol intake. The best foods for that case are grains, vegetables and natural vegetative and animal fats.

2. Do the alcohol “vaccination”

Alcohol dehydrogenase is ferment that process alcohol and it plays a big role on how fast and how much you’ll be drunk. When alcohol enters the system the level of this ferment begins to increase. So you can use this effect to prepare your body for a big amount of booze, by sipping a little bit of alcohol 2-3 hours before the main act.

3. Never mix drinks

That includes the cocktails as well, especially DIY versions. And even if you gradually increase ABV (alcohol by volume) – that doesn’t matter. You need to drink only one kind of alcohol the whole evening. Dry wines, vodka and brandy are the least toxic types of booze.


4. Say no to the desert and sweet drinks

Sugar is the thing that speeds up alcohol absorption in the blood. That’s why everyone who mix whiskey with sugary soda drink or juice and tops it all with candies should be preparing for the morbid hangover syndrome. Moreover – sugar decreases fermentative abilities of liver and your body having a hard time decomposing toxins. That leads to the increased pressure on the whole digestive system. Remember – this is also true for all alcohol drinks which are sweet by themselves, like liquors and dessert wines.

5. Drink more water

Alcohol disrupts your sodium-water balance. It also drains your liquid stores and postpones its income. As a result – your system is dehydrated, but you still experience water retention. You should drink water before, during the event and after it – preferably rich with minerals.

6. Eat more lemons and greens

Alcohol significantly acidizes your blood and curdle it. That can cause severe headaches, high blood pressure problems and chronic inflammation. To balance out acid-alkaline balance you need to drink water with lemon and as much greens as possible.


7. Eat more vegetable fiber

The more vegetable fiber you will eat during the evening – the easier it will be for your system to dispose all toxins. Take in consideration vegetables and fruits. It will be perfect to eat gruel – rice will be the best option, because it will act like a “sponge” for your intestines.

8. Prepare your liver beforehand

When the time comes your liver will work better if you start to take vitamins from the B, hepatoprotectors and cholagogues, for example – burdock, thistle, elecampane and others. It’s more convenient to take them in the form of supplements.
They fasten bile outflow which makes alcohol easer to outlive. The toxins will be neutralized more effectively and fats (let’s be honest – that makes 99% of the festive foods) are digested better, keeping your pancreas intact.

And never forget that everything that goes in your system should be in balance, especially in this time of the year.

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