7 healthy foods that can make you gain weight

The story goes old. You`re just starting your diet, there`s a whole new world of unknown food for you. In the beginning it`s hard to toss your favorite snacks out of the menu completely, so you`re looking for a healthy substitutes. And hey, there are plenty of them, and they`re healthy AND delicious? Hold on there, not so fast. Though these foods just seem healthy, many of them are high in calories. You can end up actually gaining weight instead and wonder why your new healthy lifestyle isn`t working. To avoid making such mistakes, look through this list of treacherous yumminess.

1. Cashews

Nuts are natural and healthy. They are packed with essential nutrients, elements and taste good. So it would be better for you to grab a handful of cashew out of a snack bowl, rather than chips? Wrong. When they promoted nuts for health benefits, they`ve meant just a few grams a day. What they forgot to mention, however, is that cashews are one of the highest calorie and fat-containing nuts on the planet – about 550 calories per 100 gram. Yep, that`s even more than in those chips. Although it`s definitely better for your health to eat raw nuts rather than crisp chips, this won`t help your weight loss.

2. Sweetened yogurt

A great amount of health articles are populated with the word “yogurt”. Yogurt this, yogurt that. It`s easy then to mistake all yogurts on the market with healthy ones. Unfortunately many of them are filled with sugar or sweetened fillings. Opt for the plain probiotic yogurts or non-fat Greek yogurts.


3. Dairy

For some reason milk products are associated with diet food for many people. While milk does have some benefits for our health, other dairy products like cheese, butter and sour cream are one of the highest calorie foods. Also too much of them can cause digestive problems. If you like the taste of milk, try those with non-animal origin, like almond, oat, soy and rice milk.

4. Hummus

Who doesn`t like hummus? It`s tasty, addictive and apparently very high in fats and calories. 170 calories per 100 grams can pack pounds for you pretty fast, should you not take down a notch. Try just a little bit on your crisp breads in the morning, don`t use it like a dip for every food you have under your hand.

5. Instant oatmeal

Repeat after us – oatmeal is healthy, instant oatmeal is not. Pre-packaged products come with all sorts of sweeteners, chocolate chips, sugary succades and whatnot – perfect for spiking your blood sugar and gaining weight over time. Better eat what you can control yourself, like rolled oats.

6. Couscous

Couscous is another deceptive food out there. It has the same amount of calories as hummus, and it`s usually used in not so healthy cuisine already. Instead, try quinoa – similar texture, but less calories.


7. Avocados

Who would`ve thought that fruit which almost symbolizes healthy lifestyle can be dangerous for your lean body?! Avocados are superhealthy, yes, but 325 calories in average-sized avocado is just too much to be eaten every day, if you`re not climbing Everest regularly on your spare time. Eating avocado no more than twice a week is a healthy direction.
Of course this doesn`t mean that you should ditch these foods completely – many of them are indeed great for your health. But everything counts in measure. Just remember to treat these products with caution and don`t fall under the illusion that healthy means low in calories.

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