5 signs your body not getting enough vitamin D

1. Excessive sweating

A sweaty forehead is one of the main symptoms. If you’re sweating while your activity level remains steady, your temperature is close to 99° and you’re in a moderate indoor temperature environment, you may want to take a vitamin D test.

2. Sudden noticeable weakness

Muscle strength isn’t just a matter of lifting weight. While having a vitamin D deficiency can leave you feeling overly fatigued, even when you’re able to get enough sleep, proper vitamin D intake helps you maintain power in every fiber of your being, whether you’re young or old. Researchers from Harvard have linked vitamin D supplementation with increased muscle control, resulting in 20% fewer falls among adults around 60 years old. Within just six months of supplementation, D-linked muscle weakness can be eliminated.

3. Broken bones

Your bone mass stops building itself when you reach around 30 years of age and a lack of vitamin D can even speed up or worsen conditions like osteoporosis. It’s almost impossible for anyone to satisfy vitamin D needs through diet. It really requires simultaneous work of all 3 factors: sun exposure, supplements, and food.


4. Chronic pain

A subtle pain in the bones, known as osteomalacia can be caused by the Vitamin D deficiency, as well as more serious conditions, like arthritis or fibromyalgia which can cause joints and muscles to ache, too. If you experience discomfort for more than couple weeks, consult with your doctor if a vitamin D deficiency could be the cause and if your treatment program should include the vitamin. In handy addition, consistent vitamin D can elevate post-workout pain and increase the speed of muscle recovery.

5. Feeling down

Little known but it may be a shortage of vitamin D behind your depression diagnosis. Why it works this way is yet to be discovered, but experts studying Vitamin D say that the mineral may work in the same brain areas that affect mood and impact the hormones like serotonin which are responsible for that.

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