The 5 most popular diets of 2016

To shred pounds while eating pizza, more fats or by eliminating gluten foods. We will consider these 5 most popular diets of 2016 for you to decide whether follow them or not.

1. Ketogenic diet

This diet has been known since 1920s when doctors prescribed it for people suffering from epilepsy to ease seizures. The main point of this diet is very few carbs, very many fats (unsaturated, of course) and protein in moderation. According to ketogenic diet, we need to get about 75-90% of daily value of calories from fats, 6-20% calories – from protein and only 2-5% calories – from carbs. The followers are sure that even after two weeks of ketogenic diet you can burn extra fat. The reason is that when lacking carbs, our body transforms stored fat into energy necessary for the body proper functioning.

2. War diet

This diet is also known as “3 days diet”. It means that 3 days a week you eat only low-calorie foods in small portions, and the rest 4 days you eat as usual. Here’s an example of such low-calorie menu for a day:
Breakfast: half grapefruit (52 calories), a toast (67 calories), tea or coffee (no sugar, milk or cream).
Lunch: tuna (89 calories), a toast (67 calories), tea or coffee (no caffeine, sugar, milk or cream).
Dinner: about 100g meat (200 calories), green beans (34 calories), half banana (53 calories) and a small apple (55 calories).
You can lose up to 11 pounds a week if you follow this diet. It’s recommended to exercise regularly to get better results.


3. The Atkins-40

Probably everybody has heard about low-carb Atkins diet. This year its light version has become very popular. According to this diet, you can eat almost everything – potato, pasta, etc. – without feeling hunger during the day, thus you’ll start losing 2-4 pound a week. What’s the trick? You can’t consume more than 40g carbs daily, except for food fiber and artificial sweeteners. Be careful though: The Atkins diet and The Atkins-40 are not allowed for people with liver and kidney diseases, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

4. Pizza diet

How come words “pizza” and “diet” can be in one sentence, right? However, a founder of this diet, Matt McClellan tested it on himself, saw its effectiveness and now tells everyone to lose pounds while eating pizza. During a month Matt ate only pizza (8 slices a day) and he lost about 24 pounds! And it’s not the only bonus of this diet: McClellan’s blood pressure returned to normal, level of cholesterol reduced from 243 to 157 and his body mass index (BMI) reduced, too – from 26,9 to 23,6. What’s the secret, you will ask. Pizza diet is a version of monodiet, the only difference is that one slice of pizza contains many different products and nutrients. The key is not to excess your daily value of calories.


5. Gluten-free diet

According to the statistics, almost every fifth American has stopped eating gluten in 2016. We can see this trend everywhere: gluten-free foods, grocery stores where you can find only these foods, restaurants serving gluten-free dishes, even gluten-free vodka! What’s the reason for that? First of all, when you eliminate foods with gluten out of your diet, you will definitely lose weight, because you won’t be able to eat all baked goods, bread, spaghetti or drink beer. Secondly, there are a lot of celebrity followers of this diet, and a very good marketing. But you should be smart and don’t cut off gluten out of your diet completely if you don’t have celiac disease (gluten intolerance). Only one of 300 people has the symptoms of this disease. Gluten is presented in many whole grain produce rich in vitamins and minerals, so by eliminating it you can miss out on these essential nutrients. And one more important thing to remember: most of gluten-free foods contain lots of calories, sugar or sweeteners, which are not good for your health.

Maybe these diets are effective, but remember that all diets work only when you need to lose weight at short notice. Eliminating important foods and nutrients from your diet for a long period of time always leads to serious health problems. So instead of following one of these super-trendy diets, develop healthy eating habits which you could stick to your whole life.

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