4 holiday habits that slows down your metabolism

Do you want to set back and relax from everyday tail-chase? It’s fine, but you should just remember: if you want to spend holidays without ruining your figure – your metabolic rate should be on the usual high level. How would you achieve this? It’s pretty easy. All you need to do is to ditch this four bad habits.

1. You are worrying too much

Long time ago, when everything around us was huge and we were hunters, chasing wild animals, our body formed a special survival tactic in stressful situations – in case of danger it would switch to the “power-saving” mode: it would save energy and store up fat. So when you running around the store or kitchen panicking (the guests should arrive by any minute, and turkey is not in the oven yet), the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in your blood peaks and your body, evaluating the situation as dangerous for life slows down metabolic rate and starts to save whatever you tried to burn so hard during this whole year.

So what should you do? When you feel that this is it – you’re going to explode – you should set everything aside and make a deep slow breath through the nose. You should feel your chest gradually expanding. Then, when your chest is full with air, you should exhale through the mouth, also very slowly. Repeat this exercise at least twice a day (no less than 5 minutes for one set) and try not to worry over nothing.

2. You’re not exercising

During the winter holidays every minute of the day is on schedule, and you simply don’t have time for your usual routine exercises, and truth be told – it’s not like you are too sad about this. Nevertheless you should remember this – a laid-back walk after the big party with your relatives is not enough to keep your metabolic rate from going into stasis. You need exercises. By the way – did you know that 20 minutes is more than enough to invigorate your body?


3. You skip your meals and then stuff yourself with food

For never was a story of more woe, than this of lunch-skipping/dinner-overeating Joe…
This tale is as old as time – you forget about your lunch completely (“ain’t nobody got time for that”, during all this festive fever, right?) and when the dinner comes you eat three times more, than you ate during the whole day. No, this is not right at all. Starvation is the worst nemesis of your body. It’s because of it your body switches to the “economy/survival” mode and slows down metabolism, meaning it starts to accumulate fat.

You need to eat often and with small portions. Try to have a breakfast as soon as you open your eyes – within first 90 minutes after you woke up. And watch for the intervals between your meals – they must not exceed 4 hours. And don’t forget about snacks!


4.You don’t eat enough vegetables

Yes, it’s hard to find organic products in commons store, but that doesn’t change the fact that our body needs nutrients, especially magnesium and vitamins of B group – they play a big part in metabolic activity. Besides, during holidays it’s more likely that you’re going to invite plenty of guests and there will be a ton of meat dishes. In order for your body to digest them better you need vegetable fiber – which is in abundance in (wait for it) vegetables! So there you go – we just resolved for you the dilemma of what to put as a side to your steak.

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