10 foods that can cause weight gain and loss

According to a new report published in The New England Journal of Medicine, a team of Harvard researchers has conducted a study and revealed the results of it – 120,877 participants showed that small changes in lifestyle behaviors such as physical activity, sleep duration, and TV-watching are strongly correlated with long-term weight gain. But the most important factor was diet. That was indicated in the report how much weight gain or loss can be connected to consuming an additional daily serving of a variety of specific foods over a four-year period. The following 10 foods were found to be especially correlated with long-term changes in weight.

Foods that promote weight gain

1. Potato chips

Deep fried in a lot of oil, plus added flavor enhancers and other unhealthy chemicals chips are number 1 food you shouldn’t consume.

2. Potatoes

High in carbs and starches, potatoes are one the most caloric vegetables. If you still want to eat it, at least don’t stir-fry it, instead bake it with skin.


3. Sugar-sweetened beverages

It’s needless to say, that these beverages are packed with sugars – tons of sugars – plus other chemicals. The pleasure to sip them is hardly worth spoiling your health.

4. Unprocessed red meat

Yes, meat is a great source of protein, but you better consume lean white meat (like chicken or turkey), than red one. A lot of studies say that red meat, especially consumed immoderately, is not good for your health. It grows the risks of cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, cancer.

5. Processed meats

The same side effects go for the processed meats. Plus, when it’s cooked on fire, it’s become full of carcinogens, which lead to cancers.

Foods that promote weight loss

1. Vegetables

Complex carbs, vegetables are fool of different nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber. They must be a main part of almost your every meal.


2. Whole grains

Whole grains are truly super foods rich in fiber, which have so many great health benefits.

3. Fruit

One of the complex carbs’ sources, fruits are not only delicious, but are also packed with a lot of vitamins, minerals, fiber and natural sugars, like fructose, sucrose and glucose.

4. Nuts

Loaded with “good” fats and vitamins, nuts will give you tons of health benefits.

5. Yogurt

Plain Greek yogurt is a perfect source of protein, vitamins, calcium, and it’s a great probiotic helping your gut stay healthy.


The main point of the results of that study is that people should focus on overall dietary quality, such as eating less refined sugars and refined grains and more minimally processed foods. It is probably more important to long-term health than monitoring total calorie or fat intake or other nutritional markers.

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