Which foods are damaging your DNA?

If you want to protect your DNA and reverse genetic aging, you should completely avoid or reduce consumption of the phytochemicals that can bring harm to you. Once phytochemicals like psoralen become activated inside your system, they can seriously damage your DNA. To avoid getting too much of such phytochemicals, make sure you tune down the consumption of these foods:

Too bitter cucumbers

Cucurbitacins are highly toxic natural chemicals that can damage your DNA and are found in vegetables such as cucumbers. They also happen to be extremely bitter and you can definitely taste them. So if you feel that your cucumber is oddly bitter, especially if it was grown organically, you should toss it away, rather than risk harming your DNA.

Too much kale, cauliflower or Brussels sprouts

Another phytochemicals called goitrogens are found in vegetables like turnips and Cruciferae family. They interfere with your thyroid’s natural ability to take up iodine and might be responsible for a few number of goiter cases every year. Raw vegetables from Cruciferae family such as kale, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and mustard greens are packed with goitrogens. Enjoy these delicious veggies cooked, but avoid eating them raw.



Mycotoxins are another group of naturally occurring chemicals that are produced by fungi that have infected and contaminated one of your food sources. Aflatoxins are produced by some strains of the microbe Aspergillus flavus and are some of the most carcinogenic and toxic natural compounds known. Besides being able to cause liver cancer, they can also cause birth defects and directly damage your DNA, so reach for these liver-healing foods instead.
The possible presence of aflatoxins is why you should not eat any peanuts or peanut-containing. Imported peanuts can often contain much more aflatoxin than peanuts produced in the United States, but there’s no way for you to ensure that your peanut butter has been properly tested and is aflatoxin-free.

Dried fruits

Ochratoxin A is another mycotoxin produced by microbes that also damages your DNA. It can make its way into your diet through contaminated foods such as dried fruits, bruised apples, and improperly stored cereal grains. It’s also been detected in many milk-based infant formulas, cereal-based baby foods, and apple-based baby foods as well.

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