10 products that break down DNA structure

A lot of environmental factors can damage our DNA structure. The good news is that you can reverse that process with proper diet, since food also affects your DNA. But that’s actually a bad news too, since some particular foods in big amount can affect your DNA negatively, and some of them are not that obvious and far from the title of “unhealthy” food. Taking care of your DNA structure is very important, since the free radicals damage can cause different diseases, including cancer, and speed up aging process. Take a look at the list of these DNA offenders. You should note that generally the harm in them comes from the inadequate excessive consuming of these foods, meaning that you don’t necessarily need to ditch them completely – just don’t overdo them.

1. Dry Milk

Dried milk formulas contain Ochratin A (mold neurotoxin) – is one of the most-abundant food-contaminating mycotoxins, which appear during the drying process the food – in this case the milk. These are a kind of fungi that like to grow in contaminated, dry foods. So, try and switch out any dried milk for fresh milk – it’s healthier and has a better taste.

2. Apple juice

In continuation of the mycotoxin topic there is Patulin, that is usually found in apple juice and can cause serious harm to your DNA. The rule of thumb is to never drink undiluted fresh apple juice. Even less harmful way to enjoy an apple drink is hard apple cider. During the process of apple breaking down and fermentation into alcohol, the patulin breaks down too. But even this light alcoholic beverage can get you drunk, so watch out.


3. Bruised apples

Bruised apples also have pretty high concentration of patulin mycotoxins, so you need to make sure to avoid them and instead choose the fresh and ripe alternatives. The same effect of seeing a higher patulin concentration in bruised apples is seen in apple sauces made commercially, which typically don’t use the highest quality apples.

4. Eating the same food everyday

Your body and DNA structure need you to vary foods in your diet. Eating the same food was never a good healthy decision for many reasons and now you can add DNA damage to that. Known as ‘monoeating’, consuming the same thing all the time is the most likely cause of deficiencies and DNA damage – unless you’re eating a perfectly balanced meal every day.

5. Hard cheese

If you love hard cheese, then it might be time to cut back a little. Hard cheeses are made to be hard and drier than regular cheese. There are some, however, made with yogurt-like cultures, tend to contain a much lower concentration of fungal toxins. Gouda is a perfect example of a cheese you can eat regularly without too much concern.


6. Unbalanced omega 6 fatty acid intake

We are not suggesting you to stop eating omega 6 fatty acid-rich foods – doing so would be a big mistake, since our body needs an adequate balance of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to function properly. However, nowadays more food contain omega 6-rich vegetable oils. This can break your omega3 and omega 6 balance and damage your DNA, so the best scenario would be to eat as much omega 3 foods as you do with omega 6. The sources of omega 6 are walnuts, oily fish, avocado, and others.

7. High-sugar foods

The average amount of sugar consumed by an individual in a year, back in the early 1800s, was just 20 pounds. Today, it’s over 150 pounds. Our bodies are having to adapt quickly, and when we consume foods that we don’t even know contain sugar – like fast food and ketchup – we’re causing damage to our body without even realizing it.

8. Sorghum

You might not have heard of it, but sorghum is used in a lot of grain-based foods that are designed for both human and animal consumption. It’s even found in some mass-produced alcoholic beverages. This typically contains a lot of mycotoxins and is therefore bad for your DNA and can harm gene expression.


9. Processed foods

Eating a lot of processed foods if going to cause your harm, too. Pizzas, burgers and processed meats contain a wide range of chemicals that the body isn’t actually used to when compared to a normal, natural diet. Everything is fine in moderation of course, but consuming too much processed food is bound to cause health problems and damage DNA.

10. Beer

Many popular beer brands can actually cause DNA damage as a result of the mycotoxin found in Saccharomyces yeast, used by breweries. Obviously your alcohol intake should be quite limited, but if you’re really concerned about the impact this could possibly have, simply research the kind of yeast used by the breweries that make the beers you drink.

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