How to decrease breast cancer risk with the help of exercises

It is not an innovative opinion, that physical activity is important for almost every mechanism in our body, at the same time preventing a number of severe health disorders, from cardiovascular to brain diseases. Many studies have also claimed that physical activity may help preventing some types of cancer, among which is breast cancer. However, the suggestions on breast cancer prevention with the help of physical exercises remained not fully explained and proved, and there are still a lot of unknown facts around this theory.

The most recent studies again tried to look into the connection between physical activity and breast cancer risk and suggested that exercises do contribute to reduced risk of breast cancer. According to the studies, moderate or intensive physical activity both before menopause and after can be efficient in reducing the risk of breast cancer. One of such studies included 3 000 women of various ages, both with and without breast cancer. The study demonstrated the effect of moderate to intensive physical activity at women without cancer – their risk of breast cancer was reduced by 30%. The mechanism that connects physical activity with breast cancer risk is believed to imply the hormone receptor-positive types of breast cancer. These types of cancer are the most common ones.

The study also showed that weight gain could prevent the effect of physical activity in terms of breast cancer prevention. Moreover, the weight gain acts as a mechanism that actually increases breast cancer risk. It means that, if weight gain takes place, the physical activity does represent an efficient preventive method any longer, in terms of breast cancer prevention.

Considering the fact that after menopause the risk of breast cancer development remains persists, it is particularly to get involved in physical activity after middle age, as it is usually a common ageб when women do regular physical exercises. In the case of post-menopause breast cancer risk and preventive measures, physical activity plays a more important role that it is before menopause. In such case, it is enough to have a moderate exercise routine that would ensure normal body weight.

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