What can I do to prevent the stroke?

Stroke is a terrible disease and the statistics differ from country to country but the most important thing to know about stroke is that most of the cases could be prevented.

Studies have analyzed the strokes that were caused by bleeding in the brain or blood clots formation and tested the patients or related people to find out about the risk factors and these turn out to be the factors that can be easily prevented.

The factors can be divided into those you can and cannot control. Unfortunately, such factors as heredity and age are those of the first group. But the second group of factors is still something that can and needs to be done in order to reduce the risks. It is never the same and individual cases have various results on how the risk factors have led to the disease. That is why it is even more important to try and reduce the risk from all perspectives, because it is usually a combination of conditions that cause the stroke. Usually the factors that prevent stroke are connected and if you reduce the risk from one perspective, it also reduced from the other one. That is why it is important to make the first step and the feeling of having a healthy life will lead you to do the next steps.

Eating well will include several factors as well, such as reduced consumption of salt, unhealthy fats and other harmful food. Exercises will also help you stay in good tone and reduce the risk of many diseases, including stroke. All these measures are supposed to be taken starting in early ages, but it is always the right time to start a healthier life. It is also important to start regular testing of blood pressure as you age. It is always hard to say when the preventive measure exactly work but unfortunately, there are still people who do not even treat themselves when the diseases strikes.


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