13 Cancer types can be prevented with these exercises

Cancer is a disease that can affect at all ages, regardless of the lifestyle and other underlying conditions. It is one of the leading death caused at older people and it has a great number of types, implying various types of organs and mechanisms in human body. The rate of cancer diagnose at all ages rather than only at older people is increasing over time. There is a number of reasons for that, one of them being a free access to food chemicals and polluted air, as well as consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Another risk factor that has been discovered recently is overweight and obesity. It is a risk factor for a number of cardiovascular and other diseases and not, it has been included in the risk factor list for cancer.

Over time, different studies have been aiming to understand how this long list of risk factors can be handled so that the cancer risk is reduced to minimum or even prevented. The recent study has found that regular physical activity can actually reduce the risk of 13 types of cancer. Mostly the connection between regular physical activity and cancer risk reduction implies the reduced body mass index, which is a logical consequence of physical activity. Increased body mass index, in turn, is one of the cancer risk factors. Normal body mass index indicator does not always guarantee healthy weight and vice versa. Athletes that gain a lot of mass will not be an example accurate and standard body mass index.

The study lasted for a much longer period of time and included a larger number of participants, than any similar former study. That is why its results can be considered as the most accurate ones among the similar studies.

Generally speaking, the people who follow a physical activity routine have a reduced cancer risk, almost 10% lower than people that have a sedentary life do. This is mostly related to the cancer types that have the abnormal body mass index as their risk factor. The important observation is that even moderate physical activity on a daily basis guarantees reduced cancer risk, which is applicable almost to everyone.

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