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5 reasons for atrial and irregular heartbeats

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Atrial fibrillation is the most common type of irregular heartbeat that affects almost 3 million people in the United States,

4 alternative healing therapies you should try

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People have been interested in holistic therapies for a long time. With growing attention around the world medical researchers are

Can music actually heal your heart?

4 years ago 0

Of course it can, and not in metaphorical way only. In recent

Having a dog can reduce heart risk

4 years ago 0

People affection towards the animals is not a news – we’ve been

Which alternative ways of lowering blood pressure work?

4 years ago 0

It’s a good thing to stop chugging medicines every time your blood

What happens when you quit smoking?

4 years ago 0

Quitting smoking has both short and long-term health benefits. Saying good bye

5 easy steps to prevent high blood pressure

4 years ago 0

High blood pressure is not a pleasant thing when you are young,

Does your heart have its own mind?

4 years ago 0

Expressions such as “think with your heart” were always perceived as nothing

What can cause heart disease in women?

4 years ago 0

For some reason heart disease tends to be associated more with men than women, but it`s not “man`s disease” at

Link between diet soda and heart attacks

4 years ago 0

As it turns out the prefix “diet” for soda drinks has nothing in common with healthy diet. As team of

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