High blood sugar levels and memory loss are connected

It has been known for a long time that type 2 diabetes can play its part in developing cognitive impairment, specifically dementia. The new studies over elder people with an average age of 63 without any form of diabetes or pre-diabetes, have shown that even for them high blood sugar resulted in lower scores on memory tests.
In average for each 7-mmol/mol increase in HbA1c, the value of damage by higher blood glucose, two more words in memory tests were forgotten. High blood sugar levels also resulted in lower hippocampus volume, meaning lower memory capacity.

That means even if you don’t have diabetes and your blood sugar levels are normal, it always better for your brain memory to have lower blood sugar levels, because it affects your hippocampus and memory functions. Even if you’re young and never experienced any problems with memory yet, having low blood sugar level can help your memory to stay in shape in the future.
The conclusion that was made out of this research is that it’s not necessary to have type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes to experience negative effect on your cognition. Even levels that are considered ‘normal’ slightly deteriorate it. This explained by the disrupted insulin and leptin levels, which blocks the signals in the brain.
Our body contains about 1 gallon of blood and there is only 1 teaspoon of sugar. It may seem small in comparison, but know that just 1 additional teaspoon of sugar could cause hyperglycemic coma and even death.

To compensate blood sugar level, the insulin is being secreted by your pancreas. It turns your sugar into fat and does this quite fast enough to cause illusive cravings for more carb rich foods, and should you satisfy those cravings with foods that are high in sugar your body becomes more and more insulin resistant, until you become fully diabetic.
Knowing how to keep yourself from sugar is the key to healthy body, and as it turns out – healthy memory as well.

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