What is the connection between anxiety and dementia?

A new study suggests that anxiety may be related to the development of cognitive disorders and dementia. It also suggests that this relation becomes more vivid in the older age.

Regardless of whether this connection is direct or not, it is still important to consider the relation and consider the anxiety to be a possible cause for dementia development, especially at older patients.

Anxiety and depression have been associated with cognitive disorders for a long time, especially with the mild cognitive disorder. While this disorder is one of the risk factors for the development of dementia, previous studies mostly concentrated on analyzing the influence of depression and not anxiety.

The new research that focuses on the relation between anxiety and cognitive disorders, studied a number of previous researches, related to studying the association between anxiety and cognitive disorders, cognitive disorders and dementia. The relation between anxiety and dementia that has been traced from the previous studies, increased at patients older than 80 years.

The study did not show the exact relation between anxiety and impairment of certain cognitive skills, such as language, verbal skills, information processing, attention and others. The conclusions were too diverse to be implicated in one general regularity.

The reason why the results cannot be put together as one association is that cognitive disorder and dementia are complex medical conditions that consist of many types, caused by many various factors. Among number of dementia types, there is Alzheimer’s disease, there is vascular cognitive impairment and others. In addition to the complexity of the dementia condition, the anxiety can also be caused by a number of reasons and have various ways of progress. Among the risk factors that can associate anxiety with cognitive disorders, studies note several medical conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, low-grade inflammation or hypercortisolism.

The researchers still do not see direct association between anxiety and cognitive disorders or dementia, considering the complexity of all medical conditions involved. If there is a possible association, it is a matter of further studies.

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