Asthma, developed at a later age can lead to heart disease

The late asthma development cases are dangerous, among other health aspects, for the heart health, increasing the risk of heart disease.

Usually, asthma does not increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, especially if developed in childhood. However, each asthma type has its own peculiarities that create different risks for development of other conditions in the body. The so-called late-onset asthma increases the risk of various cardiovascular diseases.

The study that concentrated on understanding how late-onset asthma influences the overall health and heart health in particular, included participants who had no asthma and who had two types of asthma. Out of two asthma-positive segments, one segment included patients with a late-onset asthma case and the second group included patients with asthma, developed at early age. The study included the analysis of any cardiovascular cases, such as heart attack or heart failure, stroke or cardiovascular death. In order to understand the cardiovascular case, other risk factors were also taken into account, such as diabetes, obesity, smoking or high blood pressure.

According to the study results, patients with late-onset asthma are twice more likely to be exposed to cardiovascular diseases, than the patients with no asthma. Patients with an early-onset asthma were just as likely to be exposed to cardiovascular diseases, as the patients without asthma.

The study aimed to attract attention of the medical society to the fact that the cases of late-onset asthma should be monitored with particular attention, taking into account the cardiovascular disease risk factors. Patients with developed late-onset asthma, in turn, can also pay attention to the heart health improving measures, such as healthy nutrition and physical activity.

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