How really useful is special footwear for knee arthritis

People with knee arthritis are advised to wear specially modified shoes in order to assist with the knee joint pressure. However, a new study believes that such shoes does not help relieving the pain and improving the knee function, any more than regular walking shoes.

Even though the research on the specially designed shoes for knee arthritis assistance before their production showed potential positive effect in relieving joint and knee pain and in reducing the knee pressure, the actual results were not that much of a breakthrough. One of the suggestions is that it is not enough to rely on the shoes only as there are many more therapies for knee arthritis that can help reduce pain, as well as many lifestyle factors that can improve the knee condition, such as physical workout, intended to strengthen the knee and weight loss.

The study analyzed the effect of both specially modified shoes for knee arthritis and regular walking shoes on a group of participants, who had knee pain caused by knee arthritis for a period of time before the beginning of the study. There was no additional benefit that specially designed shoes had in comparison to regular walking shoes. It does not mean that none of the shoe types improved the knee condition. On the contrary, both shoe types showed results in knee pain relief and normal knee function recovery at all participants, in comparison to their knee condition before the study.

According to the study results, there is no additional need to get any kind of shoes, specially modified for knee arthritis. However, in order to get efficient results, there might be a need in additional therapeutic measures, such as special knee strengthening exercises and others. In any way, the advices on dealing with knee arthritis-caused pain does not include any specific type of shoes, other than comfortable and supportive.

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