New study shows no improvement in physical activity after hip surgery

Hip replacement represents a surgical procedure, in which the hip joint is partially or completely replaced by a prosthetic implant. Such orthopaedic surgeries are generally made in order to relieve the pain, caused by arthritis, or because of hip fractures. Complete hip replacement is considered one of the most common elective surgeries, with osteoarthritis being the main cause.

Even though the surgery is intended to recover the knee condition and allow patients to start living a normal, active life, a new study suggests that hip replacement does not guarantee increased physical activity in individuals, who undergo the surgery. This assumption questions the actual need for a hip replacement in individuals with osteoarthritis and other hip issues.

Researchers from the study aimed to namely compare the difference in physical activity in individuals before and after the hip replacement surgery, in order to see whether their lifestyle changes a lot after the surgery. The main goal of the surgery is to suppress the pain that the arthritic pain causes during movement. This should imply that individuals, who undergo the surgery, should start walking more and should be returning to an active life. However, it is not exactly what happens.

People with new hip joints do not seem to use them

The study included more than one thousand patients, who underwent the hip replacement surgery. Researchers considered such physical activity, as long walks, cycling, rapid walks, stair climbing and other similar activity that implies hip movement. According to the data, provided by participants, their physical activity level did not quite change after the surgery.


Returning to physically active lifestyle is important for individuals with hip implants. It is one of the main post-surgical activities that should be imposed. The study results demonstrate how inefficient the surgery often becomes for patients, so the researchers urge doctors to make sure their patients are strongly advised to get back to physically active life and put the new hip joint to use.

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