How to keep your bones strong?

Maybe your bone health is not something that you think about often, but it`s connected to your hair, teeth and nails – all the things that are your visit card when it comes to how other people perceive us. And it`s never too early to start carrying about your health in the future. If you follow these simple nutrition tips you can ensure strong healthy bones and joints when you`ll get older.

Follow a balanced diet that includes green vegetables, seeds (like sesame), fruit and whole grains – all the stuff that is rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals, no need of fatty dairy products.
The meanest bone enemies are simple sugars, caffeine, refined carbohydrates and sodium. Limit those things (stuff like sugar and caffeine can be ditched completely, because it`s basically useless). Protein also should be taken in moderate amounts, according to your level of physical activity.

Healthy fats are actually good for your bones, especially essential fatty acids, that help your system to absorb calcium better. Vitamins like A, D and K (bone builders) are mostly diluted by fat, so don`t think that healthy diet means removing any kind of fat from your menu completely.
Put your bike in the darkest corner of your garage and with time its gearwheels won`t be spinning so smoothly anymore. Same goes with bones – like all mechanism it needs constant use and greasing. Exercise daily and don`t be afraid to put extra strain on them while you`re still young. It will make them stronger and harder.

The best kind of vitamin D you can get is produced naturally within you – with the help of sun of course. Get your daily dose of sunlight in the morning and evening, when the sun is smooth and least dangerous for your skin.
As you age you should think about your bone health more and more. Listen to your body and do mental scans once in a while, think about the areas that trouble you. After you get past 50, you should consider visiting doctors for real medical scans every year or two, to keep your bones in check.

Osteoporosis is not a verdict – nothing that healthy diet, healthy lifestyle and supplements can`t deal with. There is always ways to prevent it, to treat it and in some cases even return bone mass that was lost back without expensive procedures and drugs.

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